A little Mod to the Big Block

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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
I just got my Big Block this weekend and have been enjoying it very much..But there was just one little thing that was bugging me...
The three vents are held in by a 10-24 screw, lock washer, and a nut..and if you want to be able to adjust the position of those vents, you can't tighten the screw and nut very much, so every time you move the vent..the nut loosens up and everything gets sloppy....sooooo, I tried to find an all metal 10-24 lock nut...but all I could find were the type with the nylon insert...not good with heat...anything I could find in an all metal lock nut was a 6mm stainless steel...all the better...so I used the 6mm,12mm long screw, 6mm flat washers (stainless steel) to replace the lock washers, and the 6mm all metal stainless lock nuts.... take a 1/4" drill bit and open up the holes in the vents and in the box...put everything together, and tighten things to your liking...you can adjust the vents all you want and they will never loosen up and fall apart on you....yes I know a 5mm screw would fit without doing any drilling but the hole for the 10-24 screw there now would be too sloppy..

Hope this can help someone else..


I just got my Big Block last Friday and noticed the same issue during the construction process. My solution was to add an additional nut and to lock them together once I had the desired friction for the vent.

Glad to hear you got your Big Block...Hope you are enjoying it as much as I have been...
I'm glad you fixed the problem with a double nut...I could have done that also..but I didn't like the hassel of trying to get both hands up under the side baffels with two wrenches...with the lock nuts..one wrench..one screwdriver....anyway whatever works....so..have you had a chance to try it out yet??? I have another rained out weekend here...even with a large umbrella over it ...the wind was driving the rain too much...
I see that you have just joined the group...Welcome...lots of great people here to help answer all you're questions..

Good Luck.. and Have Fun


I have been grilling forever and have a 23 year old Cajun Cooker. My first adventure had a passing grade with a few issues.

1. It rained even when radar showed no rain prior. The smoker handled the rain fine.
2. I used pecan limbs for wood when I was use to oak an mesquite so the flavor was lighter than I expected.
3. Grease pan is almost impossible to line with aluminum foil.
4. I did not have the time to do brisket :cry: so I did pork ribs and chicken.

The food turned out fine, it just did not have quite as smoky flavor as oak or mesquite. The GOSM is too easy to use. :D
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