A little help with bacon

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Apr 21, 2007
I'm trying to make bacon for the first time but I have a small little problem I hope someone will help me with. I'm using the buckboard cure, it's been ten days in the cure, now it's time to soak it and rinse it. NO problem yet, but I can't find the time to smoke it untill next week end. Should I just soak it and rinse out the cure and vacume seal it and just keep it in the refrigerator, or should I stick it in the freezer? I figure after ten days in the refrigerator another 5 days won't matter. But I'm not really sure.
Smokin,after you was and dry it wrap and put in the fridge it's already cured, so it won't ( shouldn't ) spoil, then smoke it later, should be fine .
I agree with Tim. Last batch I did had to wait four days for the smoker and I was not worried about it at all. And the bacon was delicious. More coming soon.

Ok that's what I'll do, I just unwrapped it and put it in the water to soak, but I noticed that the meat has turned a little "gray" on the outside, when I opened it up to where the bone use to be it was still bright red. Is this normal? It doesn't have any odor or anything like that.
Perfectly normal. I generally buy whole pork loins and quarter them. After the cure process the insides really pink up.

WOW Thank you srmonty, I thought something went wrong because of the grayish color on the out side and the red inside. I'm really looking forward to doing this. I like a nice thick piece of bacon, with a nice smokey taste, and I just can't seem to find it ssooooooooo Make it yourself! And once again with the help of my new friends I can do it.
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