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Jun 22, 2007
Brandon, Florida
As you may or may not know, I have a Ghargriller w/sfb and like it quite well. However, Mrs. FlaGriller and the two mongrels have asked if they could get more without having to start-up the Black Beauty, which they said would be for weekends and holidays and such.
So, I'm looking at getting a vertical and here are the choices:
BBQ Grillware
King Kooker

The first two are about the same money and the KK is a bit higher.
I was leaning to-wards the BBQ Grill ware but can't find any reviews, info etc. Can anyone give me a little comparison on the Grillware and KK?
I have the BBQ Grillware from Lowes. It works very well and is easily set up . Cleans up well after using PAM on all the surfaces. Doesn't take up much room and doesn't smoke out the neighbors.
I don't have a King Kooer but I have a few of their Fryer/steamers (Brew cookers for me) and they are great products. Made alot better than many of the others I've seen.
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