A little early morning experiement...

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Dec 14, 2006
Everett Washington
okay, we talked about making liquid smoke before, so today....since I'm wide awake and going to bed now will stick me on this screwed up sleep schedule too much......I've decided to do the "alton brown" thing, got my smoker firing up with a small bundt pan over the vent and another ss bowl on top of two skewers and a bag of ice cubes in it......gonna try making some liquid "apple wood" smoke.....
it either works or not.....
have to wait and see if it actually works or not.....

update....it's working!!!!!! took a few pics.....man that is some sweet tasting liquid smoke.....yummy!!!
Thats great. I always wanted to give that a whirl. AB is my hero. I too would like to see some pics of your setup and the final product.
I took a few pic's but you all will have to wait a little until I can adjust the size and post.......right now, too busy chatting with bigal.....

okay, edit.....here are a few pic's of it early on, don't expect miracles of tons of liquid smoke, but honestly....for each smoke session you could also get liquid smoke from it....pretty dang cool

so now gofish gets on, and suggests one small change....flip the stupid ss bowl over!!!!! did that and will see how much better, I can already see it's smarter....that is why he is the good twin and I'm the evil one!!!!!!!.........


Debi: the ice is in a stainless bowl, which makes the bowl cool or cold. The bunt pan is sitting around the exhaust of the smoker, the stainless bowl is sitting on skewers above the exhaust. The moist smoke exits the exhaust coming in contact with the stainless bowl causing it to cool and condense, forming droplets which drip into the buntpan which catches them, thus making liquid smoke while you are smoking. Steve
Awesome test to see who was paying attention smoked. Glad it worked both ways. Did you get more product when it was right? How much did you get and how long?

Keep Smokin
Shortone -

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I didn't quite see what was going on there.

So how much Liquid smoke did you collect Smoked and how will save it or use it?
got a few ounces for the little amount of smoking I did, storing it in an old bottle that used to have liquid smoke in it.....
yes, worked much faster the correct way!!!! I'd get alot more but I decided to let her finish off the smoke and I headed to bed.....
Way to go smoked!! Just think how much better this is compared to the store bought stuff- you don't have all the added salt and preservatives!! I hope your reusing that Liquid Smoke bottle doesnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t affect the taste of that apple wood liquid smoke.
What an idea! Who wants to waste smoke! I had posted a thread a while back about a "smoker" on ebay. It kind of looked like a percolater with a long downward angled tube where the smoke came out of...one of the warnings was the condensation that would form and drip out the end ( I think kind of like a gin mill or shine mill)
I wonder if you could ferment that liquid smoke?
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