A Fatty and first time 3-2-1 Ribs

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May 30, 2007
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Today is my first time trying the 3-2-1 rib method, Jeff’s “Naked Rib Rub” and also Jeff’s “Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive” bbq sauce on ribs.. I have smoked ribs in the past and they have turned out all right to acceptable, surely nothing to brag about. I am feeling quite confident that this will be my favorite rib recipe to date by far.
Here are the ribs and a fatty just about a ½ hour into the smoke.

The fatty is a maple venison/pork sausage with cheese and onions. Also this time I added a combination maple syrup a simmered with an equal part of brown sugar added in and I just dribbled it over the cheese and onions, rolled it up, smoothed over some EVOO and added Jeff’s rub. Then I placed it in the freezer for an hour and a half so I could transfer it to a smoker rack without it falling apart.
Lookin' Good there Mossy! Your gonna love Jeff's Rub and sauce!

Tell Tanya to throw some of that sauce in with Italian dressing and spill it over a nice pasta salad! Wooo Hooo that's good stuff!
that looks great so far.
now i'm hungry......
Here am at 2 hours into the 3 with the ribs. Been spraying with apple juice every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. I will be checking the temperature of the fatty soon.
Looks great. I like the idea of the venison/sausage mix. We do that with the hamburgers we grill. Will have to try it with sausage. I have not done a fatty yet, but that one looks very interesting.
I am hoping the maple syrup, brown sugar and rub doesn't clash. My wife is doubting my ingredient choices. Every now and then the guy just deserves to be right !!!
Wrapped the ribs in foil after 3 hours and the fatty hit 160º so I pulled it and cut into it, taste great. I really like the rub taste on a fatty, I had never tried that before. I really do not think a fatty can be ruined. Of course if you wrapped a Hershey bar into it and smoked it in Marlboro,.... then maybe?

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