A couple questions.

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jun 5, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Helo everyone, had a couple of brief questions for those who are interested in helpin me out a little

1) What is the difference between a low pressure propane tank and a high pressure one.. i.e. size, price stuff liek that

2) What can i use to seal a gap between my firebox and main chamber because its leaking slightly. I dont want to lose so much heat.

3) What do you suggest i do about my firebox and its smothering issue. I can keep a good fire for about the first hour or so, after that, coals have trouble burning all the way through due to the amount of ash build up? Any thing i can do to limit the ash and its smothering my fire?
Can't help you with #1.
#2, if you need to, try manifold gaskets. Made for higher heat than you will be using.
#3, I use a raised grate to let the ashes fall down and out of the way. But it also lets in more oxygen so the fire will burn hotter. So until you get adjusted to the heat, keep an eye on it.
Hope it helps.
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