A cool way to test meat probe thermometers

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Jun 21, 2007
usually we test a new meat probe thermometer by imersing it in a pan/pot container boiling water. Because I have to use a walker, hovering over boiling water can be risky. To make it safer for me, I imerse the probe into a glass with ice and water. After stirring the probe for a few seconds the temperature should read between 32*/34*, as water freezes at 32*. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you will see that the temperature reads 33*. Below are the main reasons why I choose to test in this manner.

1. I cannot be scalded by steam.
2. The probe never touches any metal while it is connected to the processing unit and cannot be damaged.

Use the method you wish, just keep it safe.
That's one way to do it! I'd be hard pressed to read that low on my dial thermometers though. I don't remember how low my digitals go I just never use them.

I just nuke a coffee cup full of water and stick the probe in. Usually make a cup of tea afterwards. I like iced tea when it's warm out anyway.
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