80 Pounds Of Meat!!!!

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Jul 3, 2005
Stuart and Palm Beach, Florida
Well, it's that time again! My annual Christmas Bash is about to go into full swing! We're expecting 60 to 80 people and my close friend and fellow Band Member (The area Postmaster!, no less) will be making any appearence as Santa Clause! LOL! Keep in mind this is an all adult party, so after I hand out the prizes for my "Name That Tune" music trivia; Old Saint Nick, I'm sure, will have all the Girls here on his lap! LOL!

The "Q fare will include 2 Full Packer Briskets, 2 Fresh Hams and 3 Boston Butts (and Fatties of course, for breakfast). Here they are rubbed and wrapped and in the fridge for 24 hours. I then do my "Double Rub" just prior to them hitting the Spit.

If I can find the time between all the festivities, I will try to get photos and keep you posted. At straight up Midnight, they hit the Cooker. It'll be an All Nighter!

Merry Christmas!!!












Looks good..an all-nighter can be fun sometimes...but your party really sounds fun.... Have Fun.
That party is gonna ROCK! Good food, good music, and Santa gets all the girls... you might wanna reconsider who gets the red suite!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas to all

Keep Smokin
Unbelievable party! I've had 3 hours sleep, several toasts with Patron Tequila and too many festive beers to count. Q' was out of this world....one of those golden moments where everything just fell into place and the Que gods smiled upon you.

Pictures and post will hopefully be up tomorrow after a long deserved nights rest!

(A Very Tired) SoFlaQuer!
Jeff, sounds like you pulled off another memorable event!!
Wish I could have gotten these up earlier, but we've been squaring things away for 2 days!

Wow! What a phenomenal success this years party was! The Que was perfect and the crowd was great. I gave away 5 first-run DVD's and a 5-DVD gift set as a grand prize for those who could answer my music trivia. When Santa appeared, I thought everone was going to die! Everyone LOVED it!

Here's a few shots from the digital, more will be posted after the regular film is developed. Mine doesn't do well when there's little light.












I'll never forget the meaning of "budda." I recall clearly your description of the brisket cutting like budda while you described smoking a brisket to me. It was my first brisket (and all nighter) and it turned out great. And by the way, at that time, I had to ask you what "budda" was. Lots of smoke since then.
And again, that Q above looks absolutely great! I was very interested in you cooking process and wondered if you used the burn barel or your GOSM and what your thoughts are. I saw in another post your comparison. Very interesting. Great Post!
I thought of you, Bill, when I made that post!

Geez, that was back in the old "Yahoo Group" days! There's a few few of us still around from then..........Dutch being one of them.

Old Saint Nick, I'm sure, will have all the Girls here on his lap![\quote]

Uh, can I volunteer??? I'll bring my own suit :oops: .

Take care and sound like a blast,

That was some party, huh? How come none of us got an invite? That's the kind of deal we'd all fly in for, right? You afraid of a few hillbillies? We got manners. We know to eat anything smoked with or fingers and not our feet. I am truly offended.
Looks like a great feast, wish I could have been there.
I buy a $50 bottle of Patron Tequila for every party! (Memorial Day and Christmas) This year Mrs. SoFlaQuer and her girlfriends made 50 Jello Shots, as well! They were gone in a flash! The Patron went so fast this Christmas, I may have to dispense with purchasing a Keg and get 2 Patron's!

Considering the wet weather we had, the Party was wildly successful!

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