7-Bone Whole Rib, no-salt Red Bell Pepper Rub, Smoke Vault 24 & tons of Q-view

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Aug 27, 2008
I had a big ol' score to settle...er, uh....smoke!! LOL!!!!!!

This was one of 2 which we purchased...um, sometime before Valentine's Day. It's been hangin' out in a -20* freezer since then, just dyin'...er, itchin'...er, begin' to be smoked-up. I know this may sound weird, but, I was tossing the idea of smoking this for today's dinner and got a call from one of my sisters a few days back and she and her hubby were going to be in the area and wanted to stop by for a visit today. So, I went ahead with the plan.

I put this bad boy into my outdoor fridge about 6 days ago @ 20* to bring up the internal temp to just below freezing. Lastnight, I put it into a bin of cold water for a few hours to start the thaw, then, tucked it away in small Q-fridge for the night. It still had some frost this morning, but nothing a room temp rest while I prepped and dry riubbed wouldn't help.

Notice, this label reads Rib Eye Steak Bone In...this was the result of a sale involving steaks, but not whole roasts??? Anyway, the meat dude pulled some strings to get us a $65.34 cut in price...37.5% off...gotta love that!!!!!!!!!


Some frosty meat juices still hangin' out in the bag (lower/foreground) as I started the ceremonial seasoning with Red Bell Pepper Rub (minus the salt):


I had wanted to de-bone this and trim into a nice ribeye, plus have some nice smoked beef ribs today, but the frost was more than I wanted to fight...maybe next time:


That's a pretty full grate for the Smoke Vault 24:


Off for a slow ride in the thin blue hickory/mesquite smoke @ 225~235*:





A good look at the bones from the under-side...I'll be watching these as things get closer to finished temps:


About 90 minutes in, I had 6lbs RBP marinated bone-less/skinless chix thighs to toss into the smoke for a late lunch, but that's another story:



.................soooooooo, not much to do now except wait for heat and smoke to work their magic.

I'm planning on yankin' the 7-bone rib to cover and rest @ 150* max.

More to come!

Thanks for checkin' out another beast smoke.


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Dec 16, 2009
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LOL! When I read the title of your post, I got as far as 7-bone and quit reading. I thought to myself, "I gotta see this! a seven bone?" So I started reading the post and of course none of it made any sense because I had a seven bone chuck steak image in my head..

Good looking smoke so far. That is a killer deal on a ribber!


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Aug 27, 2008
LOL! When I read the title of your post, I got as far as 7-bone and quit reading. I thought to myself, "I gotta see this! a seven bone?" So I started reading the post and of course none of it made any sense because I had a seven bone chuck steak image in my head..

Good looking smoke so far. That is a killer deal on a ribber!
Aah, yes, if this isn't something you look for in the stores, you may find it confusing. The labeling on most packages is somewhat decieving as well...they call it a bone in rib eye, why, I have no clue, as rib eye is boneless to start with. Yea, the price is too low to pass up...if we have to dig a bit deep in the pockets to score a deal like this, then that's just what we'll do. It's not very often I can justify dropping a hundred bucks on a piece of meat, but when it's a cut of this caliber, I can make it happen now and then and feel good about doing it.

Now thats a chunk of beef. Looking forward to the finally.
Those whole ribs are a pretty awesome sight, especially when they come out of the smoker all crusted up and...well, here, I'll just let the pics tell the rest of the story...

I got a bit spooked doing this particular whole rib today, as I had guests coming from out of state passing through for an afternoon visit and dinner...well, believe it or not, at 4 hours into the smoke, I stabbed my trusty thermo probe and got a 30* reading...yea, my first thought was a bum probe insertion or my probe developed a nasty hiccup. Then, I remembered the thaw process and length of time I was slowly warming the nearly 22lbs of meat, fat and bone from -20*. So, I watched the probe every few minutes and noticed it rise to 32* over about 6 or 8 minutes. Now I'm thinking I have to do some chamber temp cranking, which I reluctantly did...225-235* soon changed to 300~325*...for the remainder of the smoke...well, until it hit 140*, then I jacked it down to 250*...I actually could have cut the heat and covered the intake of the burner housing and let it finish at this point, IMHO.

Just a peek before I tossed my smoked boneless.skinless chix thighs into a pan to steam for it's finish:



You can probably imagine that I was thinking things are looking a bit dicey on getting the whole rib finished for a 7:00 pm dinner...especially when I had planned for a 9-hour smoke and 1-hour rest under a foil pan...that's elapsed time along with I/T on the display...(


But the Smoke Vault has no problem putting out heat on demand...(it can hit over 450* without breaking a sweat, especially on a warm day like today):


15* rise in I/T in 21 minutes...OK, now it finally woke up after that 6 month hibernation...we're on the road to success...


Nice amount of pull-back showing on the bones....yeah, we're gonna make this one in good shape...good bark formed and nice color...can't go wrong now:


Too cool...90* @ 6:00 hours into the smoke...just happened to stumble into the kitchen to check things out while visiting with my brother-in-law when I caught this one:



I did a 180* rack rotation about 6 hours in, to even out temp variances a bit, but this is formerly the back side of the beast...140* mark:


After, oh, I think 45 minutes or so resting...collected up some rather lean drippings to add to the Au Jus:


This made for some very fine eating...I will say I changed things by using foil pans on top and bottom for resting, and this continued the cooking from carry-over much father than I expected. I pulled it to rest at 150*...should have been 140*, but it was still very juicy, with a med/well coloring when I sliced about 10 lbs off of it for plating...hmm, got a nice little smoke ring in places too...btw, the smoke was relayively strong, but not overpowering, being such a large cut...if you took a bite of mostly the outer layer, you knew there was a good long smoke. Also, the no-salt version of the Red Bell Pepper rub worked really nice with milder rib meat...I mentioned this was no-salt to my sister and she just smiled, nodded, and continued savoring and chewing:




Another big hit for the whole beef rib...man, you just can't wrong with these. Even a smaller 2-3 bone would make a great meal for a smaller family...yea, I'm prodding here...
...if you can keep an eye on prices and jump on one when they're on sale, you won't be disappointed with the resulting feast.

All in all, another really good smoke. The thawing of that huge cut of meat tried to put me into a coronary when it came time to probe and check progress on temps, but then, every smoke with a large cut is a new adventure, so I just had to play the hand I was dealt. I'm guessing that the I/T was still in the lower teens when it hit the smoker, and that in itself can make for a really long day (or night).

Thanks to a no-nonsense gasser, I was able to kick things into overdrive and get things heading the right direction and on-time for dinner. I'm not one for yanking high temps, but today called for extreme measures, and the Smoke Vault came to the rescue. Had I been firing with charcoal for this smoke, I think we would have been just dining on pulled chicken, or maybe some chargrilled steaks (fine eating as well, but I wanted my beef rib), and the beef rib would have been finished...oh, about midnight or later...that just wasn't part of the plan.

If anything else comes to mind, I'll drop a note again...I think I've covered the major events leading up to this fitting end for another nice piece of beef...well, the end's just starting, 'cause I'll be burping smoke-rings for the next 12 hours...LOL!!!!

Thanks all!



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Jun 21, 2007
My compliments on a great smoke, that is one great looking hunk of meat. You're right about the ability to kick up the smoker temp in a gasser, it's usually there if and when you need it. It's all good my friend.
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