50% of American Grillers Own a Charcoal Grill (Lengthy Post - SORRY)

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I know this is a long post, but I thought it was an article most SMF'ers would be interested in.
- Anthony

18th Annual Weber GrillWatch™: 50 Percent of American Grillers Now Own a Charcoal Grill
PALATINE, Ill., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- While gas continues to be the most popular type of outdoor grill owned (67 percent); one-half of all grill owners now have a charcoal grill, according to the 18th Annual Weber GrillWatch™ Survey. Smoker ownership, too, is on the rise at 17 percent, up from 12 percent the previous year.
When it comes to the type of grill that Americans use most often, grillers reach for the charcoal 36 percent of the time. Gas grills with LP tanks are again tops at 54 percent. Natural gas grills are used 4 percent of the time, while electric grills and smokers are feeling the heat 3 percent of the time.
Charcoal enthusiasts tend to be among the younger set. People under the age of 35 (43 percent) and between 35 and 54 (37 percent) are significantly more likely to use a charcoal grill most often compared to those who are age 55 or older (28 percent).
I Want More Than Enough! Just like multi-car households, one just isn't enough when it comes to a grill. Twenty-nine percent of America's grilling population own multiple grills. Smoker owners tend to be the most fanatical with 73 percent reporting they own multiple grills, including 22 percent who say they own three or more.
The Gift of the Grill. Overall, nearly one-quarter of grill owners (22 percent) say they have purchased an outdoor barbecue for someone as a gift. People who own smokers (37 percent) are significantly more likely than gas (23 percent) or charcoal owners (25 percent) to have bought a grill as a gift.
Grill Usage. Charcoal grill usage is up among people who own both a charcoal and a gas grill. Consumers who own both are using the charcoal grill more frequently than in previous years -- 26 percent, up from 19 percent the year before.
Holiday Grilling. Americans continue to fire up the grill on just about every holiday. The Fourth of July once again tops the list of celebrations at 81 percent, followed by Labor Day and birthdays (both at 68 percent), Memorial Day (60 percent), and Father's Day (50 percent).
Why and What Americans Are Grilling. By a wide margin, the most important reason Americans grill is for the "flavor of the food" (54 percent). People who use charcoal grills most often are more likely to say it's for the flavor of the food (60 percent) compared to people who use gas grills most often (52 percent). "Fun" is cited next by 11 percent of Weber GrillWatch respondents. Women (11 percent) are more likely than men (5 percent) to say they grill because there are no pots and pans to clean up afterwards.
The percentage of grill owners who grill the entire meal on a regular basis increased again this year to 23 percent from 18 percent last year and from just 8 percent in the 2005 Survey. The percentage of people who grill appetizers also increased from 14 percent last year to 17 percent. People under 35 years of age are most apt to grill the entire meal (33 percent) compared to those between age 35 and 54 (23 percent) and those age 55 or older (14 percent). When asked to pick the top foods they grill most often, the order of Americans' top four picks hasn't changed over the last year with hamburgers at number one (64 percent), followed by steak (46 percent), chicken pieces (40 percent), and hot dogs (34 percent). Respondents' fifth and sixth most often grilled foods are ribs (14 percent), and bratwurst (13 percent).
Using Sauces and Rubs. Nearly one-half of Americans (48 percent) say they have made their own barbecue sauce with women (51 percent) more likely to have done it than men (44 percent). In addition, charcoal owners (53 percent) are more likely than gas owners (47 percent) to have whipped up a homemade barbecue sauce. However, smoker owners are most apt to take the time to make their own sauce (71 percent).
Grill owners' barbecue sauces are as unique as the grillers themselves. Americans love a variety of ingredients in their barbecue sauces. Garlic (54 percent) is the top ingredient, followed closely by brown sugar (51 percent). Americans also like to use honey (45 percent), pepper (42 percent), onion (42 percent), and ketchup (40 percent). Women are significantly more likely than men to list brown sugar, honey, and ketchup as ingredients, whereas men are significantly more likely than women to list beer, Tabasco sauce, bourbon and fresh chili peppers.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans (62 percent) say they have used dry rubs on meats when grilling. This number increases to 80 percent for those who own a smoker.
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