5 year old smoked cheese

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I have a few pounds of 4 year old stuff. bought a ton o Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp white cheddar on sale at the commissary...

Great stuff
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Just saw something on the news this morning. A cheese maker in Wisconsin is selling a 20 year aged cheddar for $299 per lb. Wow!
it better be something special for that price!

I can get New York State 10 year old extra sharp white cheddar for a fraction of the price.
You know,,,,,,,,If you guys ate cheese once in awhile, you wouldn't be boasting about having such old stuff in your fridge........ and here I thought have 1 year old smoked cheese was crazy old....LOL
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Daughter opened some 5 yr. old xtra sharp. Forgot I had, Four 8 oz. blocks xtra sharp, just took one. Holy crap. Seemed sweeter, and just the smokiness. I always do 6 hrs. That is just our preferance.
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