5-Gallon buckets for brining

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Aug 21, 2006
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Firehouse Subs has a promotion where you make a "$2 donation" to a Fireman equipment fund and you get a 5-gallon pickle bucket with lid that is great for brining. This is a "food-grade" bucket and a really good deal for 2 bucks, plus you can feel good for hooking up the firemen.
Yeah that's a nice deal and proably a tax deduction to boot!

If your looking for a free bucket check your local grub pubs. A lot of folks are getting them in plastic bags now like soda pop sryup so you better get a move on!

McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys have switched to bags so don't waste your time there - 99 steak house still uses buckets and many of the bigger resterants. Usually they are pickle buckets so wash them out good and fill them with newspaper for a few days. I don't know why but it gets the smell out. For brine it doesn't matter I guess but if your going to brew beer get the smell ot first!
How the heck do you guys get a 5 gal bucket into your fridge ?................
I have a frig just for my BBq habit that I have set up to handle the bucket. By the way you can also get the buckets from the grocery store in the bakery. They get frosting in there. At one time I had 20 of them but they come in so handy so they have been used up
Yep, alot of places are going to the plastic bag lined cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging, but there are still alot of food grade buckets to be had.

As far as making room for the bucket in the fridge, that is why I have gone with the flat plastic storage boxes for flat or small meats but it will take a bucket for like a full turkey.
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