4th of July

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So, what is everyone doing the 4th? Anyone going anywhere, smoking anything, just resting?

Happy 4th!!

Looks like babybacks at this house on the fourth and packing for vacation. We head out on July 6 for southern Oregon and a visit with family and some relaxation. Back to the desert on the 16th and back to the daily grind.
Me and the family are going camping for the week, starting this thursday till the 8th. Starting friday I plan on doing a butt, or I may try my first brisket. This way I have plenty of something in the fridge to snack on for the week.
There is also a deer hindquarter and a ham in my plans along with some fatties of course. I may try my smoked french onion soup onions idea also. (i started a thread in the veggie forum) possibly some babyback ribs, abts, who knows what, I will play it as the week goes.

Oh ya! lots and lots of cold ones.
i'm sure we'll cook something,knowing me -lots of things. also will be blowing up lots of things. this is the weirdest place, it's a dry county but ya can get fireworks year round @ wally world. go figger....
I have to smoke abunch of meat for a baby shower. I was going to make a bunch of mini fatties some brisket and some pulled pork. Also going to try some of those smoked onion thingies. Dont know what they are called.
Have no plans to go anywhere since I start my family vacation on July 16. I'm certain I'll be smoking something whatever I end up doing
My son is coming over with his GOSM and we are going to do a bit of everything. I'm going to start a brisket on my offset smoker on the 3rd of July and then in the morning he is going to start a pork butt. Then when that hit's about 140 degrees we are going to start acouple of slabs of spare ribs. We are having over all three of my adult kids, my in-laws, my mom, my yourgest sons in-laws and maybe our neice. It should be a hoot. I'm looking forward to the day.

I'm going for another long holiday - Vermont, Maine and New Hamphire just going for a drive wherever we get to! Got 6 days off - Wednesday to Monday! WooHoo!
Getting some time off work so I'm finishing the tattoo sleeve on my lower right leg. Gettin' ready for some pain!
I have a question for all that are going to the lakes and going camping; are you bringing a smoker with so you do not have withdrawels !!!
Think I will hook up the Ol General and head down to the piney woods of East Tx on the 6th. Haven't seen my family in a long time and momma wants some of my brisket. Probably smoke briskets. Ribs, tenderloins, catfish and whatever else we can dig up.
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