4th of July Smoke. sorry no pics this time.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokey mo, Jul 6, 2010.

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    I smoke a boat load of ribs this weekend and in between the sessions of pork I smoked a packer brisket.  Wind picked up and after I hit the plateau and was fighting the smoker too much, I brought it in to the oven finish cooking.  

    I know that this is much looked down upon, but I was desperate.  All in all it didn't turn out bad.  

    I used Tulsa Jeff's method of using the aluminum pan.

    Here is where I went wrong and need some help.  After my brisket came to temp (195) I pulled it from the oven to rest, I separated the flat and the point and turned the oven down to 170(the lowest setting I have) till it was closer to time to prep. This was at 3:30 am.  About 11:30 we got home from church and started the second batch of ribs and began to prep the brisket.  It seemed moist at the time but I drained the juice off and put it(juice) in the fridge to harden the fat layer.  Left the brisket whole til time to eat. Started to smoke the burnt ends and waited.

    The big question is what is the best way to keep meats that come ready at different times.  

    I have cooked prime rib using a cook and hold that you can drop the temp to 140, but I dont have that option at home.  Any suggestions.

    The brisky was good but a little dry even after juice was poured back on and some sauce.  The ends were fantastic.

    I want to do another brisket soon but need better control of the Offset to do that.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Many of us see nothing wrong with moving the meat to the oven after foiling and conserving fuel or just making life easier after dark. Once in foil the meat honestly doesn't care what the heat source is and its not like its gonna take in more smoke through the foil. To hold food try wrapping in foil if it isn't already then wrap that in an old towel then into a warm dry cooler. It will hold quite awhile this way if your trying to hole it for more than 3-4 hours then stick a thermo in it once in awhile to double check temps if they start to get near the 140 mark then throw it into the oven to raise it back up aways
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    Yes you won't get a whole lot of greif here about take the meat off the smoker and going to the oven. But don't do it the other way now. Then you might get run off ........No just kidding. Yea the meat has taken in all the smoke it's gonna be the time that you foil it anyway. Then you can do like Jerry (pinywoods) told you with the towels and a dry cooler. 
  4. smokey mo

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    Thanks Guys! I get so excited when the meat is done that I forget the old towel in the cooler trick.  

    I was walking through the Cash N Carry the restaurant supply store here in town and they have these 

    insulated racked cooler/warmer boxes with food grade storage bins.  I assume they are to transport 

    hot/cold food to and from events.  They look like the bee's knees for holding temp on meat. They have locking doors and seal completely, I might look into one of those.

    But at $250-300 it may be a while.  

    I didn't time or plan this smoke very well, but live and learn. I will have to try again to learn more I guess.

    Thanks again for the advise.


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