4th of July, 3-2-1 Style

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Happy 4th and 1st everyone. Just put a dozen racks out on da smoker, with a few fattys, a couple a dozen ABTs and a dozen ears of corn to follow. Don't know why, but thought I would document the process. Sorry bout a few of da shots, but da smoke was a doin its thang. More to follow.....




Thanks, folks. I shoulda gone ahead an bought those rib racks I saw at da sto the odda day. I'm bout ready to start a workin on the ABTs and Fattys. Had to time out for little liquid kewl down. Back to da coal mine.
Now that looks like some good grub. Do you know where Dekalb is?
I have a small farm house in Dekalb, not too far from Texarkana.
ABT's are labor intensive little snacks. Anyway, there is a dozen in the background of the Fatty Prep pic. The other is the fatty rolled up and ready to go on. The ribs are wrapped, ABTs, Fatty and corn is on. Now for a shower.

Thanks for the kind comments. I'll let you know how they all turn out.

L&S: Holler the next time your at the farm. I'm working a deal with New Boston in my business, and if it flies, I'll be in DeKalb a lot.

BBQLPB: Corn probably won't be cheap like it used to be since the gov't decided to move the subsidies on corn for ethenol production. It was 20 ears for a buck Memorial Day. Now it's five for a buck. Hope she finds some.

I don't have time to post the continued documentary at this time. Everyone is too busy wrappin der lips round da fatty and ABTs. Da ribs are on the da last hour and I'm goin to wash da smoke off my bod. I'll post continued pics and doc's later. Tis time to eat!
Thanks to all that have commented on da food and my smoker. I'm a pooped pup and at the moment, ready to be in the horizontal position. I've got finished shots to post....in the mornin. To say the least, ever one that wuz here left way full and laudin my creations.... I'm just too pooped to plug de gizmo in to wrap up de documentry. Will do in the AM.

The Kids didn't and don't know what they are missing. Still had to sear some cow on the gas oven on da back patio. Dat's ok, cuz it jus means dat much mo for us old coots. We had 12 old coots and an assortment of young inz runnin 'round. It rained bout 9 times during and after da cook an feed. Last one's left around 11. Narry a one was hungry. Lotsa praise over da fixins, both on da smoker an da other stuff. Momma nearly dried da beans out in da inside oven, but there weren't enuf left to shake a stick at. Still got a spudmellon chillin in a kewler in da garage dat never had the knife put to it. Took a rack over to da neighbors and thought they wuz gonna drop to dere knees thankin me.

9AM an da wife iz jus now stirrin her java. I been up since daylight. Kitchen smells of pecan wood, but it's clean. No strangers laid up on da couch, so I spose everone got home okay. Rainin again here today. Minor clean up on da slate for me, but probably gonna lay low for the rest of da week. I got one buzness meetin on slate for in da mornin, but dat won't last too long. Gotta make it look as tho I did somethin dis week besides feed da pack.

Twas a great cook, good time, and fellowship with friends and family. Couldn't ask for more....

Thanks for da comments. Already startin to plan for da next blowout.

Shortone: The sink was an addition after I stole da pit from dat man, 15 years ago. Tis a big help when your out in da sticks a cookin for da masses. Its driven by a deep cycle battery that needs a charge bout once a year.


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