4th July Cooking

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May 21, 2007
man my computer problems persist,i still can't post pics. what is everyone cooking for the 4th? saturday i did 15 butts,2shoulders,4beercan chickens and 2slabs of ribs biggest cooking so far in the big mamma jamma and it was great!!! tried the 3-2-1 rib receipe and it worked great,hope everyone has a great 4th!!! thank a military person and pray for them!!
My planned menu is 3-2-1 ribs, brisket, Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans, ABT s and some grilled chicken on the Weber. That should keep 'em happy...
I have 2 racks of spares, 2 racks of BBR's, and 2 racks of beef shorties. Will do BBQ Beans, Potatos, Potato Salad, ColeSlaw, Corn Bread, and Allpe pie. 3-2-1 on the meat. or 2 1/2 - 1 3/4 - 45. Depends on the progression.
since i've done 3 large cooks in the last 2 wks.the kids are gone(just me,wifey,& baby) so i think i'll do a pack of brats,a bottle of rum, & $200 of fireworks & watch the cows run. hehe seriously i may head down to the vfw & lend a hand.
My son is bringing he GOSM over and we are smoking a brisket, two pork butts, 4 slabs of spare ribs and will probably throw on some hotdogs for the kiddies. We invited everyone we invited to bring a sidedish of their choice. It should be a blast.

I'll be doing 4 racks of spares 3-2-1, 2 whole chickens honey blackened, 30 brats, and a 6 pack of cold ones
Well for sure it's gonna be raining here but I plan on 4 briskets, ribs, chicken legs and thighs some catfish, cabbage and if I can find any some frog legs. Going down to the piney woods of east texas and have a family get together.
marvin, i am tired of this rain. it is not raining today, but we have a higher than a 50% chance today, and 60% tonight for rain.

i plan on brisket, ABTs, and a fatty. then baked beans, doctored up of course.
Chris we have had rain here today off and on and I guess theres no end in sight for the rest of the week.
Doing a brisket, butt, county-style ribs, and a few fattys. Its funny, I think I'm now officially addicted to smoking. I smoked Sat, Sun, and now Wed. My wife might have to commit me...
took the week off and i am doing some prep and repair work to the house for painting but i plan on doing a couple of smokes...doing 2 racks of spares and a couple of FATTIES on the ECB offset tommorrow and a 9# bone-in shoulder on the 4th, plus about all the chicken a person could eat, smoked, grilled, rottisseried, deep fried, can butted, and assorted turkey parts and sides. so no sitting around here this week. be glad for monday to come around so i can rest
Well I'm smoking 2 slabes BB ribs, 1 whole chicken,a pack or two of brats,and maybe some salmon.Grilling pork chops,hotdogs........maybe thats it!
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