4 hours into my first racks of ribs

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Sep 24, 2005
South Fla
I Ã…m smoking some ribs for the first time today. My smoker is an electric, water smoker and is factory set at 210-220* (not adjustable). A quick question, I've read on this site to smoke the ribs at about 230* for a minimum of 6 hrs until they reach 170*. I'm at 4 hours and they're getting very close to 170*. What now? Do I continue until I get to the 6 hour mark or pull them at 170*? I seem to remember reading somewhere that with a water smoker you cannot cook them too long, but I am leaning towards pulling them when they reach 170. Thx, Aaron
Aaron Are you doing the ribs 3-2-1 style? This is a six hour process and it breaks down like this. . .
3 hours in the smoker with the mop applied approx. every hour.

2 hours wrapped in a double thickness of heavy duty aluminum foil with some apple juice poured on the ribs just before sealing the foil and placed back into the smoker. After 2 hours remove the foil.

1 more hour back into the smoke. about 20 minutes before I unwrap the the foil from the ribs I add a couple more chunks of wood to the smoker pan.
I was not doing the 3-2-1 method, just a standard smoking. Pulled them after 4.5 hours, they were perfect! I used Maine Black Cherry wood and it was a bit too light for me. I also did a pork butt at the same time that came out very good too.

Last time I did a pork butt I used Wild Apple and it was much better, IMO.
Glad they turned out perfect! I get to go home from work and have meatloaf for dinner! I really ought to teach the Bride how to use my GOSM and the grill!! What did you use for a mop and what kind of 'que sauce did you use for them ribs and that butt?
I'm pretty new to smoking and didn't mop. I used the rub purchased on this site and made up sauce from this site as well. Both were excellent, however, no one really used the sauce, other than to taste it, as it wasn't needed.
I'm pretty much the same way Aaron. If the meat is properly seasoned (especially steaks) why drown them with sauce. When I do ribs I'll put the 'que sauce on the side and let folks decide for themselves how much or how little sauce they want.
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