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30 years ago this week. . . Can I retire now???


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Well 30 years ago this week, (April 4th to be exact) I started my current full time job. Sure there was a number of partime jobs (Butcher, Peace Officer [2 different agencies], 10 year stint with the National Guard as an MP, County Security, private security). Been through several "Corporate Downsizings" and a merger. Dang Gub'ment says I'm too young and gotta work another 14 years til I can retire and draw S.S. benefits. (IF it's still around!!

But through it all with it's ups and downs, I have had the best partner in life to share the ride with. Sam (aka Ma Dutch) has tolerated me pretty well for nearly 30 years; listened to my gripes and complaints, freely gave me encouragement and advice and she's had to kick me in the arse a time or two to keep me motivated and keep me on the right track.

Well here's looking at the next 14 years and if you're inclined to join me, Cheers to one heck of an employeer and cheers to a hellof'va fine Gal.



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Congratulations, Earl and Sam!

The difference between a job and a marriage is that a job is an agreement and a marriage is a commitment. Whiile you and your boss may not always be in total agreement you and your partner will always be in total commitment.

God bless your commitment!


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Congrates ....As of May 28th this year will be my 30th year at the Enquirer.....and to young to retire.......


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"Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success."

Congratulations to you both!!!


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Congratulations Dutch!

I believe I know how you feel. Mrs. Meowey and I have been married almost 31 years, and I'm finishing up year 30 at the school. It's hard to believe that I've been molding young minds for 30 years. I've had children of former students as students. As soon as I see a grandchild, I'm gone, whether or not I can collect my pension. I can collect my teaching pension after 3 more years, but will have to wait 11 to collect SS

Take care, have fun, and do good!




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Congrats Dutch. In one respect I'm envious and in another I'm not.
I waited forever to have my first child and now when my last is out of the house, I'll be a feeble old man. You get to enjoy grand kids at a fairly young age. But then I have a union job that will allow me to retire with a smoking pension at age 57. So I'll be retired and still messing with my own kids in the house. And I still have 16 years to go, but I'm still a pup at 41.

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