2nd time is a charm, but what was the difference

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by wutang, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. wutang

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    Made some abts last weekend, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in about 1/3 of a strip of bacon, smoked with hickory and mesquite. They came out ok. About every 3rd one I ate would light me up-but that's ok. Yesterday made another batch, after cutting into "boats" I scraped the inside wall of the pepper with a spoon to clean out better and then rinsed under cold water to wash off a little more of the oil, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped each one in an entire strip of bacon then smoked with pecan & apple wood. These abts were far and away better than the first batch. But what was the difference??? Was it the wood? A better batch of peppers from the store? The larger portion of bacon (pork fat is a good thing)? I guess I will just have to keep making (and eating) more until I figure it out. Any thoughts on what made such a difference in the taste of the final product??
  2. richtee

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    In the words of a rather famous TV chef- "Pork fat RULES!"

    And I'm sure the more thorough cleaning you did helped ya out too. You changed alot of things it sounds like- hard to nail down...but like ya say...just keep at it!
  3. norrell6

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    I made some this weekend and experimented with roasting the pepper a little first and then stuffing them. It definitely cooled them down, but almost too much for my liking. The family did like the cooler ABT's. I made about half with raw and half with roasted and everyone was happy. I think in your case, it had to be the cleaning. The ribs of the pepper contain a lot of heat. If you did a so-so job cleaning them the first time you probably left one or two and it lit you up. Like Richtee said, keep practicing. I know I will!
  4. jbchoice1

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    it was probably due to the extra clean out with the spoon.
  5. tbucher1218

    tbucher1218 Smoke Blower

    I have found that my abt's have less heat when I cut them into boats vs. whole. I also found that if I cut a slit in the bottom of the whole ones, they tend to have a little less of a bite. Of course cleaning the membranes good also helps. JMO
  6. bigwayne

    bigwayne Smoke Blower

    Cleaning out the ribs better is the difference.
  7. wutang

    wutang Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Thanks for the input. All in all i think it was a combination of cleaning the inside of the peppers better for better consistency of heat from pepper to pepper and the extra bacon for more flavor. I appreciate the fast responses. I really can't see a reason not to throw in a batch of abts every time the smoker is fired up, for the sake of research of course.[​IMG]

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