2nd smoke with the GOSM

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Jun 21, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
I went all out this time

rack of ribs, ABT's, Wicked backed beans, and a small Fatty. Had all three racks filled, figured if I was going to smoke then fill her up.

I put in 1 chunk (fist sized) of apple and a few chips each of hickory and mesquite. The apple lasted about 1.5 hrs. before replacement and had to put in the chips every 30 mins.
I'm begining to learn even though you don't see smoke poring out of the stack you still have smoke.

The ribs and the ABT's were great, haven't tried the Fatty yet but looks good.
The Wicked bean where good...a little to sweet for my tast tho. will cut down on the brown sugar the next time.
JohnT, looks like you got things figured out! Awesome looking grub. As for those wicked baked beans, adjust the ingredients to suit yours and your family's taste. When I make 'em I tend to cut back on the brown sugar but the Bride likes 'em sweet. Would of liked to have seen a pic of them beans though.
Dutch: I wanted to get pic's of the beans, but everyone was hasseling me to get the food on the table. In my hast to get everything set out I forgot

Thanks for all the good comments, and help, from everyone
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