2nd smoke disappointing

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Original poster
Jul 7, 2006
Jacksonville Fl.
Hello all,
I had a good first exerience with ribs on my new smoker on father's day. I had my folks in town this week and prepared a smoked rib dinner. They were all ready for the best ribs on the planet after hearing about the first rib smoke... I did not do everything the same as the first smoke, and I had what I call lousy results.

First, I put a charcoal grate in the ECB and raised it about an inch and a half with concrete block pieces on the edges. I used the same amount of lump charcoal in a chimney and could not get the grill even close to 250. It was burning up at over 300, I removed some fuel, and took the grill off the charcoal pan , on and off....what a day. The ribs cooked too fast, so I took them off and put them in the oven at 225, wrapped in foil with apple juice for 2 hours.

We ate them all, but they were nowhere as good as the first batch...I guess I need to adjust my fuel amount for the next time. I did make jeff's rub and BBQ sauce. The homemade BBQ sauce was a big hit. very tasty. I'll need to change the rub a bit to my taste, but otherwise it was very good. I used my new maverick thermometer, which worked flawlessly.

I guess I had beginnner's luck the first time. I will try it again, hopefully I will get it right the next time. Happy smokin, Pete
practice practice practice, keep at it ,you know ya can do it, ECB are tuff to master and get consistant results, not nocken them, i ain't good enuff to use the one i got.
Keep your head up Pete...sounds like an excuse for more practicing to me!! :D
Nothing wrong with that..it usually take quite some time to learn how to control the temp especially in an ECB...but you'll get better and learn something every time you fire the thing up.

The down side to Lump is that it is not as easy to use as regular charcoal..is burns a little hotter and not as consistantly.

But I think it's worth it in the end to learn how to use it..
Start with a smaller fire and add to it as needed to get it up to temp.
If you start with a bigger fire and try to cool it down, you most likely end up smothering the fire and causing bitter smoke.

The main thing is not to get discouraged...and keep on smokin'

Pete, what are you complaining about? It took me almost two months of cooking ribs to getting them the way I want them on the ECB I started with. Your best bet is to get a notebook and keep notes. You will be able to figure out what works with your smoker and what does not. Then after you get the smoker to act right, you will be able to get the results you want at will.

Try not to make too many changes from 1 cook to the next, that will help you get the results, or to know what does not work.

In any case KEEP SMOKING. The good part about this hobby, even most of the mistakes are good eats.
Hey, Pete! Check out the topic "GOSM Jerky Experiment". I touted an experiment that I was sure would work and at the last moment changed things only to turn over seven pounds of bottom round into charcoal!
Think maybe I felt a bit chagrinned? :oops:

Keep at it my friend and continue to share your good news and your bad news as well! We all learn from out mistakes. As a matter of fact, some of the best inventions came from mistakes!
Hi Pete,

Sounds like you have met reality. :D Sometimes things don't go our way. :evil: .

I've screwed up about every meal you can think of, But i keep coming back :P .

It's a lot more fun to keep trying, than it is to give up :roll: .
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