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24 inches?? really??

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by wesb, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. wesb

    wesb Fire Starter

    great thanks to all who have helped out so far, everything's coming out great except i've spent more than i thought i would have.  so my current question is does the first grate really need to be 24 inches from top of coal basket??  common basket height is 8 inches, plus 3 inches for legs, plus 24 inches is 35, my barrel is only 33" high, and i planned on using two grates with a dome lid.  someone please clarify, there's so much info out there it's overwhelming.
  2. pandemonium

    pandemonium Master of the Pit

    are you using a smaller barrel? or am o thinking of a different person? if your using a regular barrel seven inches down to the grate is a good number
  3. twardnw

    twardnw Fire Starter

    it should be 24" from the *bottom* of the basket to your first grate.
  4. wesb

    wesb Fire Starter

    oh from the bottom, that makes more sense