23 Hour Pork Butt Normal?

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Jun 8, 2024
First off, so much great info on here!

Upgraded to a MES 30" smoker recently and tried it out this weekend with a 7.5 lb pork butt at 225 degrees. Started it last night around 8:30pm and finally reached 201 degrees 23 hours later. Did not wrap it, so I understand it can lead to a longer stall. Just wondering if this is what I can expect from the MES. Old smoker's temp was always all over the place (swinging from 200 degrees to 300 degrees), but those were typically around 9 to 12 hour smokes. Open to thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!
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Welcome from ND.
First off , have you verified your pit temp with a tested digital thermometer? Thermometers on MES smokers are not very accurate. Possibly could have been running at a much lower temp than anticipated.
Thanks! I had an analog thermometer in the smoker when I ran the burn in / seasoning steps and it was dead on. Did not do that this time. I'll need to simply plan on that in the future.
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Welcome to the site, I always run my 40" wide open for Butts and chicken. It has always worked well but feeding the chips is a pain, I take chunks and bust up, lasts longer but may have trouble lighting at lower temps.
And let let it pre-heat for some time for the temp to stabilize before you load it with a big hunk of meat.
I like for my MES40 for heat at 250-275 for hour if possible before it's loaded.

I used to do the 225 thing etc the overnight cooks. Cant be bothered anymore. I do them at 300 and just light the egg in the am and eat dinner at a normal time.
I agree that is a long time. Cooking higher saves a ton of time. Grab a multi-probe therm so you can monitor the meat and grate temp at the same time.
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Overnight smokes come with a number of variables to manage, so the smoker continues to work through the night. Unless absolutely necessary I purposely avoid them. Butts can easily be done and ready for dinner the same day. Run at 250º for 6 hours, it will gather plenty of smoke. You can then wrap or not, and bump to 300º.
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