21 hour brisket smoke with pics

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Original poster
Aug 5, 2007
Central PA
well my last smoke went very bad sean here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=7052

I went back to useing the grill untill I build my own smoker. Was not planing to do this but was in sams club last night and spoted a 14.5 pounder that was calling my name. On the grill now


I doff my hat to you perseverance. That will be one loooong smoke. Keep us posted, especially in the wee hours of the morning when we are sleeping peacefully.
Now that is gonna be a show. Be sure to keep us posted. Don't forget to keep those pics coming and you can also enter the SMF See the World - Smell the Smoke event. So good luck and looking forward to seeing how it turns out

Keep Smokin
this is my first over nighter. I took a nap this after noon so I should be good to go
2 hours in 11pmEST Girlfriend went to bed, so its just me and the dog now

Oh and just found my over thermometer that's why its at 0
19 more man, good luck haha. I as readin about briskets earlier, i read something about probing the thickest part of the flat. Your pic looks like itmay be in beteween the point and flat, notexactly the thickesst part. Just an observation, might wanna ask one of the pros aroundhere though. Just helpin umake sure your temps are as accurate as possible. I wanna try a brisketsoon, post pics as much as you can. Thanks and good luck, no sleeping
yea just moved the temp probe to the thick part. The is dog is a sleep now to, so I'm on my own now. fending off the sand man
That's one helluva hunk of cow there... Lookin' good, can't wait to see the finalle!

Good luck!
This thing keeps lookin beter and better man great work. 2 questions for you. 1, what is the temperature at now, i think its beeen like 13 hours or so. And 2, what is in the spray botle. Keep us updated, this thing has picture contest capabilities.
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