2010 A Smoke Odyssey Ch 6 Stuffed Green Peppers

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bigslick, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Well I have not been able to smoke much recently and I am running about 6 weeks behind pace on my 2010 Smoke Odyssey, but determined to catch up.
    Last week I decided to try smoking stuffed green peppers in the BGE.
    For my first attempt, as usual, found a basic recipe for the stuffing, ground sirloin, onions, brown rice and tomato sauce. Browned meat, cooked rice and mixed it all.

    while this was happening cleaned some peppers.

    And "par" smoked them instead of boiling for 15 mins at 250 with a single big chunk of hickory. I did them upside down wanting to get some good smoke on the inside too.

    Started stuffing them and when 1/2 way done an idea popped into my head to add a layer of mozzarella in the middle. Here they are 1/2 stuffed, I forgot to take pic after the layer of cheese was added.

    Into the smoke.

    I put them on at 250 then decided to try getting the temp down as all the stuffing was already cooked. I really didn't have much luck, but wasn't too concerned about it.
    Here they are after about 50 mins and I was thinking they were just about done.

    add a mix of mozzarella and cheddar.

    and let melt, ready to serve...

    Here is one cut open. You can see the layer of cheese in the middle.

    These came out incredible, I was surprised how well the smoke flavored the whole pepper, including the stuffing and cheese, glad I par smoked them instead of boiling!

    I will be doing these again soon, only adjustment I will make is playing with seasoning and flavors in the stuffing. I might do them closer to 220 instead of 250 but not sure.

    Next time will be venison and wild morels (not long now!) as stuffing.

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    Just added this to my recipe file. Hopefully you will see me post qview with my own in the future. Thanks. [​IMG]

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