2007 Ventura County Salsa Festival

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Jul 2, 2007
Lakewood, CO
I'm wondering who all in the SoCal area will be going to the festival so we could maybe hook up and hang out for a while. I'm not sure what day I'll be going, probably Sunday. I'd love to meet some of the friendly folks on this forum who live out this way.

My wife and I and at least another couple will be attending. We plan to arrive on Saturday and spend the night. This will be my first, so I'm not familiar with the grounds so I could say meet us at???????
If it'll be of any help, I'll be an old fat guy wearing a Pamama hat and in a wheelchair. ANy doubts just ask "Are you Chipotle Dude?"
Heh, ok, I wonder how many funny looks I'll get before I find the right guy lol
hows that? at least we're southwest and closer to mexico...if that counts for anything.
Looks to me like the venu area is pretty small so I just might be able to track you down.
Brennan, this is the hat I'll be wearing on Sat. & Sunday.
We have acces to HATCH brand chiles here, can they say that in NYC??? I hope so, that's some good stuff out of New Mexico. That university has done a lot of hybrid work with chiles, and it has paid off bigtime!

I was wondering if there was a map of the venu area to look at to see what kind of stuff was around...I'll check google I guess. Might be able to find a good meeting place too.
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