2-Drawer Landmann Wood Pan Change, Maverick 73, Pulled Pork, Fatty

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Aug 14, 2010
In my last post I explained how I set up my 2-drawer Landmann, smoked, and cleaned it. At that time I said the wood box was to small for my liking. I started looking for a replacement. I bought a 10 inch cast iron fry pan from Target, but kept on looking. I wanted a cake pan but couldn't find one that wasn't teflon coated at Target or Walmart. I went to a local restaurant supply store and found a 10 inch round by 2 inch high cake pan. It might be aluminum but it doesn't say. Seems to light to be stainless.

It works great. You have to lift the water draw a little and it slips right in below it. Instead of getting 45 minutes from the factory pan, I now get at least 2.5 hours. What a difference! I will return the unused fry pan.

I also got my Maverick 73 and used it for my pulled pork. It works great also. Very easy to monitor the smoker temp and the meat temp at the same time. Annoyed the wife a little when the alarm sounded a few times.

Yesterday I smoked my first pork shoulder. Left on all the skin, put some mustard on then some homemade rub and smoked it for 12 hours to get the temp to 195 degrees. It had a great crust, great smoky taste (used soaked Walmart apple and hickory chips mixed) and pulled real easy. During that process later in the day, I put some small red and white potatoes in a pan and small bell peppers in another pan, both with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and smoked them as well. They came out real smoky and tasty. A real treat.

I smoked a fatty using sausage meat stuffed with peppers and onions and covered with bacon. It was good,

Having 12 hours of smoker time gives you a chance to smoke lots of things. Maintaining the temop, wood,and water for 12 hours can get tiresome. A great success for everything. I'm still experimenting and loving it. A turkey and a brisket await.

Take care.


Fatty before cooking. I cooked it on a rack not in pan.


Finished Pork Roast



10" by 2" cake pan


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