2-6# sirloin tip roasts

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Nov 12, 2006
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Well here's whats going on the ECB at 4 am just put them in a jim beam marinade with some extra worchestershire sauce and some garlic and old bay,love that old bay, smoke will be a start of hickory and finish with black cherry..shooting for a 2pm pigout..one will be sliced the other shredded.

there's not much fat for rendering so i think i'll stuff in some peices of bacon like an earlier thread that i read..should make for some good eating
It's 4 am and the roasts are on the smoker the extra bacon is in the skillet waiting on some eggs! temps here are 31 degrees with 25 mph winds gonna have to work for this one on my ECB . as you can see i slit the roasts and inserted bacon pieces for some fat content...oughta make for some flavor too and added some durkees Grillmates rub. Can't wait till they're done

here they are at 4 hours looking nice tuff to keep the temps.. temp went down to 27 and started to snow and still windy..internal temps at about 135 so they are coming along nicely..this wind is sure eating up my charcoal used 15# so far good thing i get it at a decent price
here's the one i sliced for sammies, taking a little day trip tommorrow, and the other one is in the cooler wrapped. if it tastes half as good as the sliced one i got it made. Had to fight to maintain tempratures 'cause of the wind. All i need to do now is make some dippin' sauce and potatoe salad with some shrimp.

Well here's the porn ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


the jim beam is a bbq kit, you get a 12 oz bottle of marinade, bbq sauce and steak sauce. found them at ollie's bargain outlet for 3.99 a pack and bought a sh*t load of it
looks very very tasty.. i like the smoke ring as well

you did well considering struggling with wind and temperatures.... i am facing the same probs
the bacon did its job instead of foiling the roasts i removed the drip pans and put in the roasts and added some more rub and some extras to the drippings and then tented them with foil, then when i coolered them i made a terrific dipping sauce for the sammies. which were also awesome took a couple on a little trip today and i couldn't wait to dig in
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