(2) 500 gallon fuel tanks for free

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Dec 19, 2005
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I found some one that has two 500 gallon fuel tanks in his basement.

1. They are in his basement and with past remodeling will not get up the stairs in the size that they are in.

2. They used to hold fuel oil and I understand that can stink pretty bad for a long while if spilled

How does someone as determined as me get those tanks out of there?
Is it worth trying to get them out and use as a smoker?
If you're willing to have them cut in half to remove them and then weld them back together. You have to take into consideration the fumes and the possiblity of a flash fire in the event that an errant spark makes its way into the tank.

A lot of years ago I rented a house that used fuel oil for heating, the landlord eventually converted the place over to natural gas heating. The tank was in the basement and we dumped about 100 pounds of an oil absorbant (looked like Kitty Litter) even though we did the best we could to drain the tank dry. We used a couple of sawz-all to cut the tank into pieces in order to get it up the stairs. In the middle of all this a friend of mine (a fire fighter of course :roll: ) showed up and gave us both H3LL for using the sawz-alls but did give us kudos for using the oil absorbant. Told us we should of used a Tank Removal company that had the training for that kind of stuff and said that we were lucky that we didn't blow ourselves into the next County!!!
Sounds like the making of a fun Saturday after noon.

I think I will tell him to find a tank removal company. I love to smoke meat just not myself.
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