1st smoke on a home built 55 drum smoker

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May 30, 2007
Oak Grove, MO
Since I am new to SMF I want to say hello, and thanks for all the info I have been siphoning of off the experianced one on the site. After reading a few threads and seeing how closeknit and helpful every one is. I just had to join. I have just finished enjoying my first smoked brisket on the trial burn-in of my first home-made smoker.

With some of the valuable information I have recieved from you all, I will have to say it was a complete success. Tho my smoker is not complete(-paint, permanent handles, and a Stainless steel diamond plate front and side table) The smoke came freely. Thanks again for everything.

And smoke on....
welcome to smf. head on over to roll call, and let us all give you a proper introduction. btw, i use a homemade smoker too, a pic of it is in my sig. i am in the process of building a new one right now.
Welcome to SMF. Glad your first smoke with your new smoker went so well.
That smoker looks mighty fine... let's see more pix of it when you get a chance!
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