1st Smoke... Ka-Ching!

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Jul 7, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I wanted to start w/ a no-brainer, so I brined two chickens & used two empty beer-can-chicken racks (to get some smoke action inside the birds). Great result & the cold leftover chicken was even better this morning.

I know, I know, pretty boring for you veterans out there, but alot of fun for a rookie like me. Thanks for the encouragement.

Tried to attach some pix but was refused..."file size exceeds limitations"
. Not boring to me, but then again I'm not near the level most are.

Brined poultry is the best way! Love it...........well cause wife loves it and that gets me "points". I need all the points I can get!

Glad to hear it went well, welcome to the "sickness" of using a smoker.

Also welcome to SMF, Jeff & the moderators do a great job. The people here are the best!
There are those of us who would smoke cardboard if we had to. The birds looked great. Big Macs are boring..........
Before you hit the "submit" button scroll down to "manage attachments" button and go from there. You'll have to browse to the picture you want to post, then hit upload. Once you see the notice it has been sucessfully uploaded you can close the window (unless you want to upload another picture of course) and hit your submit post button the picture(s) will be there.
Great looking birds BeebeQue!

You'd be surprised how many people have trouble with poultry. It never boring to see a nice smoked dinner. Gotta say those birds looked like they eatten resently. Huge breasts - good job!

Hi and thanks for joining the the fun group that loves to have things go up in smoke! Be sure to ask any questions, and do a bit of reading here, you'll love the education on smokin' and related stuff.
Great pics, the chics look as if they are in a chorus line on Broadway.
I love huge breasts... Hey now, I'm talking FOWL, not FOUL!

Great looking yard birds BeebeQue!
Long time meat smoker and pit builder, almost ready to go pro. I own a C-store and have finally recieved the health inspector's blessing for my design of enclosing my trailer mounted smoker. A couple of weeks in my shop and I'll be smokin'!

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