1st Smoke in Old Fridge

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Jul 5, 2005
Milaca, Minnesota
Fired up the old frigidaire smoker last Saturday, used lump charcoal in the bottom pan just above the electric element. Used the electric element just to get smoker up to 210 then unplugged. Once the coals were going, placed well soaked hickory, mesquite and apple on them and smoked the ribs using the 3-2-1 method, misted every hour with apple juice. Well the aftermath looked like a flock of buzzards had been at the table. Am looking forward to making some great deer sausage in this baby come winter.


That's an interesting smoker, loads of room to add more shelves. I haven't seen an old fridge like that in ages, the door latches on that one.

Are you planning on adding a thermostat like you find on an electric oven? That thing would be set-it-and-forget-it.
The fridge was given to me by a buddie, the yellow lining on the bottom is ceramic brick slices my neighbor got me, they are used to build glass furnaces and can take 3500 degrees of heat, not that I need to worry about that. I plan to get a thermostat/meat thermometer combo and was thinking of adding a bradley smoke generator that uses wood bisquettes, which would allow me to smoke unattended for up to eight hours. Will work great in the winter time for cold smoking and for when I am out on the lake ice fishing and drinking mighty cold brews......
I have to say that is one of the nicest fridge smokers I've ever seen. Excellent job on makeing it look presentable. I know alot of people that have them around here and none of them look as nice as yours. Congrats!
Thanks, I used aluminum ducting tape to repair the outside rust spots, then I painted it with the rustoleum hammered iron spray paint. It turned out pretty good, I got some upgrade plans for it, as soon as momma gives me some play money--LOL. I will post new pics of it when I upgrade it.
If you want to go set it and forget it, the Sausager Maker makes a nice thermo unit for about 130.00. If you go to our old site you can see what I did with mine. I'm having a hard time putting pics on this site due to the security on this computer. Have fun and happy smoking!
Excelent site. Thanks for the info. I'll check them out compared to where I buy now. Once again thanks for sharing.
No problem, I wrote Jeff, asked him to add a general smoking supplies link under supplies and equipment so we can post good links like these in a specific area that relates to equipment in general.
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