1st pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by tld, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    Morning fellow smokers. Tempting 2 things today, my 1st pork butt and my 1st q-view. If q-view works 1st pic's are loading my elec. smoke hollow with breakfast fattie, and pork butt. both are rubbed with Jeffs rub, fattie also has ham slices,bacon bits, and cheddar and Monterey jack cheese inside. Smoking @ 225 and using a combination of apple/hickory chips. Spritzing both with apple juice and captain morgan. If q-view works follow ups will becoming.
  2. wgrogers70

    wgrogers70 Newbie

    Looks good and I can't wait to see the end results!
  3. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    fattie is done. butt is at 124
  4. steevieg

    steevieg Fire Starter

    Great looking fatty
  5. krusher

    krusher Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    good lookin fatty, that but is gonna be good , you are gonna love it
  6. Fatty looks awesome (stomach growls as I type). Come on pork!
  7. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    ok temps @167*. getting ready to foil. Decided to put it in alum. drip pan that was catching the drippings,spritz down with apple juice/capt'n morgan's than double wrap. Jumping the smoker up to 250* for the remainder of the cook.
  8. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    opps forgot the q-view
  9. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    All I can say is thanks Jeff for the rub and finishing sauce recipes. And thanks [font=&quot]Meowey for the sticky on how to do basic pulled pork. It was a hit.[​IMG][/font][font=&quot][​IMG][/font][font=&quot]I think the q-views will speak for them selfs.
  10. capt dan

    capt dan Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Good job on that smoke, fatty looks wonderful, and the PP looks great! The combination of meowy's sticky and Jeff's rub is a winner every time!
  11. waysideranch

    waysideranch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looks like you hit a home run TLD.
  12. tld

    tld Smoke Blower

    thanks for the complements guys. I know I couldn't of did it without all the help I got from this forum. I have to say they tasted even better than they looked. [​IMG] also need to thank WALKING DUDE for the tip ( thinner metal.........use an empty tuna fish can, or cat food can.......perfect height.........and thinner metal, won;t take as much heat to penetrate the metal...........just a thought) a while ago. it really helped on getting TBS from the elec smoker. Their chip pan was to thick and wouldn't get hot enough.


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