1st Butt

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Nov 9, 2006
Denvers Front range
Started smokin' 2 weeks ago. I guess it will probably be just another addiction to fan the flames of an addict with. I've thought about gettin' into smokin' for a while. A buddy of mine was cleaning up his place and I noticed his Char-Griller was in the to go pile. He had recently went with a gas grill. I looked it over and thought I could convert it into a smoker by designing a fire box and told him I would take it. Upon returning to pick it up he informs me they make a firebox for it and I can get it at Lowes. How's that? Already seasoned and ready to go! GAME ON! So far it's been babybacks, pheasant and salmon. I couldn't believe the pheasant! 2nd time out with the salmon I witnessed the Thin Blue Smoke. On the 2nd try with the babybacks they fell off the bone. I'm amazed, no, I'm addicted of course! Set the alarm for 4am this morning and my 1st Butt went on around 5. Gettin' BUZZED on cherry and lovin' it!
Welcome to SMF pyrolysis!!!

MmmmMmmm, pork butt and cherry smoke. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. You have found a great place to hang out with your new addiction. We can't help you get over it, but we sure can help you get expand on it. :oops:
Welcome to SMF!! Gotta love that Thin Blue pyrolysis. A "give me" Char-griller and all you needed was the fire box. What a SWEET deal. Don't share your smoked foods with you friend, he just may want his Char-griller back :shock: Well maybe you ought to give him a little taste just for turning you in to a smoke addict. Bust of luck on your 1st butt.

Welcome to the forum pyrolysis! Sounds like you got the better end of the deal on the Char-Griller, all broke in and nothin' to smoke... Hope the butt turned out well.
Thanks SmokeMack. UNBELIEVABLE!!! And that's all I can say about that Butt! Took some pic's to show it off. I guess I'm a better smoker than photographer though, as the camera card wasn't in properly. When the rain and snow hit the temp dropped immediately. I had to construct a shed and got everything back to normal.

Can anyone tell me how to get this Pic smaller?

That' better




pyro, check out this LINK . It provides instructions on how to resize you pics for posting without taking up a lot lof bandwidth.

Another option is to upload your pics to imageshack or photobucket then post them to SMF.
Thanks gentelmen. Up in Smoke, I was still stumped. Dutch, took a quick look at the link and should work fine.

Also Dutch, I was wondering when someone would figure out all I was trying to do was check for the correct spelling of pyro. Suddenly everything made sense.

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