1st Brisket tomorrow

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Aug 18, 2007
Hyde Park, NY
Ok I'm gonna try to smoke my first brisket tomorrow.. I got the day off of work and will be tending the smoker for hours.. I will also be doing 2 slabs of ribs and I may try the 3-2-1 method on 1 or both??

Looking for pointers...
I've been surfing the net and saw where some rub the brisket with mustard first then use a dry rub of choice after that..
Any Pros/Cons to doing this? I have a honey mustard that I think would be a good choice.
Its a 4.5# brisket that is not trimmed with a nice fat layer on top, but the meat is thinner on the one end..
Was thinking it should take around 5-6 hours to cook at 225. I know to go by temp not time.. Time is just a guide for me to help plan things..

Thanks Bob
I don't put mustard on brisket (or ribs or butts). Others do. There are some that sear a brisket over a very hot grill before smoking it. All a matter of personal preference. I'm going to try the searing thing.

Remember there may be a plateau stage when the temp does not change for an hour or so. I've even had the temp drop. This is when the connective tissue is absorbing a lot of the heat while breaking down. That's what will make it tender. Don't be tempted to boost the heat. I know how hard it will be to resist.

Let us know how it goes. Please include some Q-view.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Bob, it sounds like you have a good plan. When I use mustard, I use plain yellow mustard. It doesn't impart any mustard flavor in the end product. If you use honey mustard, and it leaves a mild sweetness from the honey, that sure won't hurt anything. I would, however, be quite concerned with the honey burning throughout the smoking process. It's mostly sugar and will caromallize (and burn) at its first opportunity.

As far as the 3-2-1 method. I'd recommend doing it on both slabs. What kind of ribs are they? Depending on the type of rib, you may need to slightly adjust your cooking times.

I'm sure looking forward to seeing the q-views of your creations. Good luck, and have a great weekend!
Baloco, they are pork ribs... I will cut them for my first SL style ribs. I usually keep them whole, but after seeing them on this site I have to try the SL style.
I'm hoping that the brisket gets a little sweet flavor from the honey mustard.. I have Bone suckin' sauce rib rub I plan on using as the dry rub. This has a little bite so I'm hoping they work well together.
As far as burning in the off set smoker with the meat at the far end burning should not be a issue (knocks on wood)

Meowey thanks for the reminder... I have my notes ready and the plateau is written down.. And I will sear the next one I do and cook it a different way to see which works better for me..
Thanks for the input folks...
jmho if ya want a 1/2way purist method w/ some sweet.- just rub w/ ground kosher salt & black pepper after injecting w/ balsamic vinegar. smoke fat side up w/ a catch pan & use a turkey baster to baste the meat w/ the drippings.- just an option. brisket has it's own flaveor- doesn't need much enhancement.
I agree with GYP, brisket has its own flaver ,that is good. you could also inject with apple or pineapple juice.
Searing brisket before smoking. I assume there's no rub? I always sear roasts before oven roasting but I've not seen it in recipes for BBQ. Let us see how it turns out, Meowey.
Ok I talked to the people who are eating it tomorrow (Parents) and they want to try the Mustard/dry rub. They live in NC and they get regular brisket all the time down there and wanted to try something new.

Damage is done.. Frenches Honey Mustard with Bone Suckin Rib Rub.

I plan on having it on the BBQ by 9am and well see what happens...

thanks for all the options...

gypsy that balsamic vinegar injection sounds real good.. I will try that one day if this one goes well.
Thanks all .. the Damage is done comment was suppose to be a funny

its one of those things we say around here..
I'm looking forward to the long smoke..
Fired the smoker up around 7am and had meat on by 8am

This is the Brisket about 4 hrs into the smoke

Ribs ready to go on at 1pm
Ribs went on about 1:20pm

Brisket is at 165 and its almost 4.. I think its gonna take longer then planned..
First I'd like to thank all who gave me pointers, and a BIG thanks to the maker of the web site.. I have been taking notes and today it paid off.
I got an EDUCATION today in smoking.. DAMN does it take a LOOOONG time to smoke a Brisket. I figured with a 4.5# brisket 5-6 hours then a 1-2 hour rest period... NOOOOO smoked from 730-8am till 6pm and the only 1 hour rest.
And for the Pork Ribs I tried the 3-2-1 and did a 3=2=30min, they looked a little dry to me (but they were not)
Ribs a couple hours in

Finished Ribs

Nice smoke penetration

Finished Brisket


Very Moist

Thanks again... Bob

PS My Parents LOVED everything and they could not believe how great everything tasted... This is what smoking is all about.. Making people happy..and fat
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