1st Annual SMF Gathering Slogan

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Nov 25, 2006
I am in the process of trying to find a shirt printer / sponser to print out some shirts for all who go to the gathering. Even if you aren't planning on attending, your suggestions are welcome. If we choose your logo and you can't make it, I will send you a shirt.

Keep in mind this is if I can get the sponser. Also a shirt color suggestion is open.

My suggestions (open for tweaking) is:

I Got Smoked At the <optional line>

1st Annual Mid-America SMF Smoke Meat 2007

If print allows it will have the location and possibly a picture / graphics, which depends on the sponser and the general layout.

Be creative and thanks for your input.

Keep Smokin
Gather round
Ye Knights of the Thin Blue, all others too!
I have a tale to tell.
One that is true!

'Twas TulsaJeff
Who made this forum for you
And The Grand Knight Dutch
Who hatched the Order of the Thin Blue!

Now FloridaJeff
he started on day one.
Betwixt and Between the three
They've o'er seen a lot of our fun!

This Smokin' Meat site
has now set the mark
Till others reach this height
They're all left in the dark.

So please do tell all the world
On our first gathering day
We have worked very hard
To earn us a big "Hurray"!

Happy Smokin' All!

Smokin' and Jokin'
1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007


I got Smoked
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007


I got my Butt Rubbed
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007


I got Cured
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007


I got my Ribs Racked
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007

I'm not touchin' sausage!

Whole Lotta Smokin' Goin' On!

Let The Smoke Roll!

It's All about the Smoke!

More to come!
just got back online after being without power since Sunday and I've noticed a few patterns

Debi would really like for it to be a roundup

MoHntr wants his butt rubbed and something pulled

Cheech and ballagh wanna smoke something

And srmonty wants a free shirt

I've been unable to work on getting the printer sponser with the weather, but I'll be on it again soon.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far... keep em coming and great to be back.. 'lectricity is a good thing

Keep Smokin
i may be able to help with some tees. i will look into it. i sell promotional items, so i can get a lot of different things. but a friend of mine has a screen print thing going on. ill talk to them
Sounds great Buzzard, Let us know what you find out, your help is appreciated

How 'bout, I got my ( insert idea here :P ) at SMF's Smokefest '07? It could create lots of curiosity and get people to approach to ask what SMF means. Also creates opportunity to 'spread the smoke' :lol: . Daun
Time is running out to get in your chance for fame. If you have a slogan for the SMF Gathering in June, please post it this week.

Thanks for everyone's input so far.
Are we allowed to have a beer there?
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