18 Dec 2005 Cook Out

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Aug 5, 2005
This is what I was cooking this weekend (for 22 hours Saturday), most of it was for our church council & staff Christmas Dinner:

Also cooked a fatty and some bratwurst but didn't get any pictures.

Had both Big Blocks going at the same time! Boy, was I ever tired come Sunday... :lol:
Nice smoke ring on that brisket, Bob!! What wood did you use? It's a good thing it close to lunch time because these pic's. sure is making me hungry!!
Hey Bob,
Great pictures! And I'm sure there are some very happy church folks as a result. I know what you mean by being tired. It's the feeling after I do and all nighter with brisket. But doesn't it feel so good when it's all done and all the folks are all fed.

Fl. Bill
Bob, what is in the white container? It looks like chicken pieces with garlic cloves and apple juice.
WOW!!! :shock: What a totally spectacular looking feast! I'm gonna have to stop logging onto the site while at work...The boss is gonna get really pissed if my keyboard shorts out from me drooling on it! :mrgreen:

Earl, I started off with some hickory wood chunks and then switched to pecan to lighten the flavor a little.

The ice chest had a brine solution with ice cubes to keep it refridgerated overnight. The picture was taken just before placing the meat in the smoker. I was suprised at how COLD everything was, the ice plus the salt in the brine made it as cold as an ice cream freezer. I was brining a large turkey, 3 whole chickens, and 10 pounds of leg quarters.

Everyone complimented the meats and it did feel good, even though I was tired, to pull off another successful cook.

The ribs were dinner for US and boy were they a great way to reward yourself for a hard day's work.
I guess the size of the photo doesn't do the picture much justice. I use an ice chest for brining too. Adding the ice sure beat trying to put the contraption into a refridgerator and it does a dandy job of keeping things cold!
Down Bill.

The fire is directly below and the crust on top remains undisturbed.

Thanks for asking. :lol:
Great pictures, I can just imagine the smell and taste.

I am in the process of placing all my recipes in an Access database.

Your pictures gave me the idea to make sure to document every recipe with a picture. So it looks like I will have to do a ton of picture taking.

Thanks for your pictures
For sure Cheech, every recipe should have pictures. 8)

Some showing preperation and definitely a few displaying presentation.
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