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15# Turkey

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by geigs, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. geigs

    geigs Fire Starter


    I have been up and down the poultry section and now have more questions than answers.

    Should I brine her, do I split her, do I just stick her in the smoker and go?

    How long should I plan on a 15# bird?

    I will be using lump charcoal with cherry/apple wood chunks...tasted great with chicken in the past!

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. Hey Geigs, smoked a 14+ bird on thanksgiving. Jeff had a Nov. Newsletter on turkey and I prety much went with what I found on his site. I also brined overnight with basicly the brine mix he explained. Never had a better bird for taste and tenderness. I used all cherrywood in my char-griller at 225* and hit 170* in about 5.5hours. I was expecting it to go longer but the thermometer didn't lie. Maybe it's the elevation here in Utah, with water boiling at lower temps, could be meat breaks down quicker.

    By the way, I consider myself a Minnesotain abroad, came from Shakopee.

    Here's jeff's website

  3. geigs

    geigs Fire Starter

    Thanks Pyrolysis - Shakopee isn't too far from me, I'm down in Farminton!

    Can I use a plastic bucket for a brine? Or should I use a steel pot.
  4. I used a 5 gal bucket with about 2 gal of liquid. If you have a stock pot that should work too if it's big enough.
  5. geigs

    geigs Fire Starter

    Cool - I have a 5 gal bucket to use!

    I will give it a go, I have Jeff's article printed out and will start getting the bird thawed and ready - If I can figure out pic's I will do that as well.

    Thanks again!
  6. geigs

    geigs Fire Starter

    Quick question;

    If I have a frozen bird that has an 8% solution already, do i still brine it?
  7. ultramag

    ultramag SMF Events Planning Committee

    Geigs, I'm no real expert on this but since you haven't got an answer I'll pipe up. Most of what I've read says enhanced meats usually turn out pretty salty when brined. I try like heck to avoid anything enhanced. I'm a self enhancer.
  8. geigs

    geigs Fire Starter

    Thanks Chad...maybe I will just rub it and go from there.

    I also have some injector stuff I want to try, my wife grabbed it for me awhile back - a butter garlic sauce, maybe I will try that as well!

    Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

  9. I've read that also about brining processed birds. You should be able to get by with the injector stuff.

    Let us know how it turns out and Happy Holidays to you too geigs!