10" Dobsonian Telescope

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Jul 15, 2007
Southern California
I've recently completed and collimated my homemade 10" dobsonian telescope. Anyone in the astronomy/star-gazing community would all it a light-bucket. Thought I would post a photo of it... those all-night smoke marathons can be a little tiring. Looking at stars and other objects in the night sky can make the time between fire-tendings go by faster.

10" dobsonian telescope
sorry. got the photo thing down now
This is a 10" f/5 primary mirror with a 1.8" diagonal secondary mirror in an aftermarket spider. The focuser is a Meade 1.25" and the finder scope I got on Ebay.

Everything else is put together by plans on the internet. 3/4" plywood, nails, screws, glue, teflon, 6" baking pans, and a 12" od (outside diameter) sonotube. And lots of Krylon texture paint. Started in March and just finished collimating the mirrors yesterday. Took a look at the moon and the craters were amazing. Stars were crisp too but I have too much light pollution in my town. I'll save it for when I go to the high desert or just wait for winter when the seeing is clearer. If I ever get some pics of what you can see with this, I'll post here.
very cool ... I bet if you drill a small hole in the fence and set that thing up to look at your smoker when you're smoking chicken the people next door could peek in the hole and would think you was smoking an ostrish... only joking but very cool anyway
Man I'm truly impressed! Many moons ago I attempted to build a 6" reflector form Edmond Science. This was in the early 60s and it involved "walking round the barrel". One inch thick 6" round piece of round glass anchored to a barrel and you had to push /pull another piece 1" piece of round glass back and forth across the anchored one 30 times, then take a step to your right and repeat, for months! Eventually the bottom one became convex and the upper one concave. I gave up after wasting several hounded hours.
Thanks. I didn't have the patience to create a primary mirror from scratch. So before building, I made certain that a professionally made commercial grade mirror was available and reasonable. If you are still interested, plans are still floating around the internet and Ebay is the best source for the primary (just my opinion)
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