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Yoder YS 640 Pellet Smoker

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  1. jfrederick
    "Amazing Cooker. Amazing service. Made in Kansas, U"
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    Dec 1, 2015
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    Pros - Easy to use, awesome food, built like a tank, customer service
    Cons - H E A V Y
    This is one amazing cooker. I have been cooking on a Weber for years and I am disappointed I haven't bought a Yoder sooner. It can grill a better steak then my Weber and it smokes the best meat I have ever cooked. If you're in the market for a new cooker this is the right decision, no doubt!
  2. calguy
    "Poor quality"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 5, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - I can "literally" cook food with it, but heck, I can do that in my fire ring in my backyard.
    Cons - Lid leaks like a sieve!
    I am the unfortunate owner of a YS640, and must say that mine is near junk.  It leaks almost more smoke out of the left side of the cover than the smoke stack puts out, which is flipping absurd.  Heck, the local Ace is constantly cooking on their Louisiana cookers they sell, and I have yet to see one leak like this thing does, which is embarrassing.  I chose Yoder because I could visually see a major difference in the quality between the Louisiana vs the Yoder.  Unfortunately one can't tell exactly what the seal is like when it is wrapped, as mine was, and thus all I had to go on was the demo Yoder unit at the reseller, which looked like it had an excellent sealing top cover.  Unfortunately mine is nothing like that one.  Needless to say, my heat control is shot, quality is in the dumps, and don't get me started on value given this unit's condition.  I also purchased a probe port since I cook via a temp probe in all my meats, and God only knows how that is to be installed.  They are so lacking in organization, they don't include any directions...just a port probe wrapped in tape in an envelope is all I got? Who knows which direction it is installed in, and it would be nice not to have to guess where to drill.

    *Update* - I have since been sent a video, which in the video I noticed a screw that holds the hinge onto the unit.  That screw couldn't be more lamely placed, and BINDS the door that hits it when it is shut, which is why the door looks bend and is leaking heat and smoke out the left side of it so much.  Yoder wants pictures, so I have to mess with that now.  Would have been nice to have someone use their brain when they designed it, and have NOT put a screw in a place that would bind the door?  Just slap it together I guess...let the customer sort it out.
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  3. wtscott
    "Super product.....but, even better customer servic"
    Pros - Easy, even for me
    Cons - wife wishes it was built in (I know....it can be!)
    Many products have a problem at some time in their life.  My Yoder 640 was one of those products.  Here is what is different.  You all know that sinking feeling when you have a problem....and get ready to call customer service.  We sort of steel ourselves to be prepared for the response....or actually, lack thereof.  NOT AT YODER.  After fully explaining my problems to Joey, he and his company completely exceeded my expectations.  My customer service experience was world class - rivaling famed LL Bean, Amica Insurance and other.  This is old honor.  They better be careful though.....this kind of customer service is going to create raving customers and more business!~
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  1. titan 79707
    I have been on the fence line about purchasing the Yoder 640 or the Traeger Timberline and the Fast Freddy 500. After seeing this picture and reading some other concerns this has happened is making me take the Yoder off the list. 
  2. rcher
    This guy joined 10/14/15 and last seen on 10/15/15 ... I think he's a troll.  I love my YS480 and it runs beautifully.  Couldn't resist commenting.
  3. id2nv2nj2ca
    "The hopper will hold 20lbs of pellets and thus far I am using about 2lbs per hour(with ambiant temp of 50 degrees) and average cook temp of 250."
    If I am reading this correctly, it would take you over a bag and a half of pellets if you smoke a brisket for, what seems to be an average of 16 hours? Maybe a little less than that if you smoke closer to the 225 degree range, but still that makes for expensive smoking, no?
    Great review, by the way. :)
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  4. jfrederick
    This post seems bogus. I live in Wichita, KS and own a 640. The cooker is AMAZING and IF the cooker leaked as badly as he indicates Yoder would make it right. They have top notch service. This really just seems like a brand basher to me. IMHO.
  5. johnnyg0168
    I love my 640 Yoder.oops great. I've had no problems with it and holds temps pretty good.
  6. californiasmoke
    I have thought about getting a Yoder, I looked at them at a local store and they are nicely built as far as I saw.  Much heavier duty than the Traeger I have.  One thing that put me off is a number of complaints I've seen about fires in the pellet hopper as a result of the bead of RTV around the firebox breaking down.  That seems like a really poor design choice to me.  I do like the simplicity and connivence of a pellet smoker, but I'm building a gravity-fed insulated cabinet to replace the traeger.
  7. rkonrad45
    After reading more than a few comments around the web about how the Yoder had sealing issues - and the company said basically that EVERY grill will have leaks - I ended up buying a kamado style grill/smoker instead of a pellet grill. Couldn't be happier!!!
  8. just george
    $450.00 for a Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn, $13.50 for a 17# bag of Royal Oak lump charcoal . . . . .                                      PRICELESS
  9. okiwen
    The review was changed.  I think the rating now reflect what he has explained in his text.  One or the other.
    I don't even own a pricey pit.  But if I did, it had better be everything as claimed and more.  Trust is HUGE.
  10. inkjunkie
    I don't see a 2.5 star review....nothing wrong with calling it like you see it. No doubt some of the Yoder faithful will start chest thumping about how great it is....after all....this IS the internet....