Whole Spice Paprika smoked - Hot, 1 Pound

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  1. plume-o-smoke
    "Fantastic paprika at a good price"
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    Jan 1, 1970
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    Pros - Great flavor, Great price (a notch below pimenton in quality, but *way* cheaper)
    Cons - You have to buy 16 ounces. 8 oz at ~60% of the price would be ideal.
    There is a spectacular difference between good paprika and the bland food coloring grocery stores call paprika. The price of good paprika can also cause sticker shock. Make no mistake, this is fantastic paprika. Maybe a cut lower in flavor than Pimenton or similar, but at 1/4 the price.

    This stuff is hot! I put this a notch or two below straight cayenne in heat. I actually need to modify my spicy-food recipes that call for multiple types of 'hot' spice. This paprika will easily (over)supply the heat all by itself, with no room left over for other hot spices. So I cut back on the amount of paprika & proceed w/ caution. The next time I order I'm getting this AND the sweet smoked paprika and will experiment w/ mixing the two.

    I use this all the time in cajun dishes and BBQ rubs.