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Western Pecan Mini Logs

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  • 6" - 8" logs are ideal for extended smoking and grilling or for a large amount of foodCan also be used for fire pits, fireplaces and campfiresSeasoned and dried for consistent burning1.5 cu. ft. bag

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  1. js0813
    "Lots of mold"
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    Aug 30, 2018
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    Pros - It’s pecan that’s pre cut/split
    Cons - Mold
    Haven’t had this problem when buying store-bought bundles wood before, but the last couple bags of Western woods have had tons of mold. Ila buddy of mine had a bag full of mold when he cut it open. Mine at least was only on 4 or 5 cuts. Mainly under the bark. And the wood was really wet. It hides, smoked, and bubbled water out the ends when it hit the fire. I didn’t take pics of my wood...was too irritated I suppose at having to split some of the pecan my dad cut for me at the last minute. But this is a pic from my buddies bundle. Mine wasn’t on the ends...it was all on the sides and under the loose bark. Won’t be buying western bundled wood again...will need to find someone local so I don’t run through the black oak on my property too quick.

  2. mthoward91
    "Best alternative to cutting your own wood"
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    Pros - Easy to use, good length for firebox, seasoned wood
    Cons - almost to dry, heavy bags, lots of extra tree bark in bag
    Was wanting to smoke some pork butts over pecan, to see what flavor profile I would get.  Picked these up at my local Academy, for around $11.99.  Cleaned up the firebox, rubbed some butts, and lite the propane torch, to get these mini logs a smoking.  First thing I noticed, is that this wood was very dry, and I had to really close down my firebox, or the wood would burn, not just smoke.  I had to really watch the temperature gauge, and as soon as the temperature started dropping, add more wood to the box, as it had burned through what was in there.  Once I got the wood smoking, it worked out good.  Wood is nice split, with good heartwood from the tree, not just branches and twigs.  There seemed to be alot more tree bark in the bag then what was from the wood, which left me have to clean it up off my porch, but I am always trying to clean up after I BBQ, so it wasn't too big a deal.  Overall, it was something that I will look to again, and since I can get the same bags with Hickory, Mesquite and Apple(apple is more expensive, like 26.99, if I am remembering correctly) from my Academy, I don't think I will be breaking out my chainsaw anytime too soon.  

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  1. slow smoker
    I have to agree with the original mthoward, Academy has a great supply of various smoking woods. Where I live in SC, that is the most affordable source of mesquite. The pieces are a little smaller than I would like but still work very well. I have a chainsaw too but I can't drive anywhere and find a mesquite tree. I do have some friends who can provide hickory and cherry for nothing as long as I can haul it myself. Academy's hickory is split with no bark or branches.
  2. ammaturesmoker
    Bro....the gas for your chainsaw will pay for itself. I paid ten dollars for half a pickup bed of seasoned cherry. I am getting apple and oak next week. Mesquite I wish I could get. But bagged chunks are expensive. Though they are probably easier.