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Weber Style Digital Thermometer

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  • Digial thermometer with remote receiver.

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  1. exmilitary
    "Fine for a beginner but"
    Purchase Date:
    May 20, 2008
    Pros - inexpensive, good on batteries, basic, simple, lit display
    Cons - single probe, preset temps, short range, only single display
    I've had this model thermometer (Oregon Scientific name on it) for almost 10 years. When I first started getting interested in smoking meat. It did the job for basic cooking (roasts, birds, etc). Once the "chef" gets bitten by the smoking bug, it's inadequate (not severely as I still use it on occasion).

    Temps only go as high as 180, so forget using it for brisket or butts. Only a single probe. 

    Some days the signal drops out and loses connection to the base/receiver for no reason. Not often, only occasionally. 

    The batteries last a good while. I use mine maybe 2 times a year and it always turns on. It will shut itself off after 12 hours unless you tap a button. I found this out a couple days ago when cooking a brisket. Display on the receiver has large font making it easy to read at a distance. 

    For an entry level unit, it does what it's supposed to. It's accurate when tested against known good thermometers. I hang onto it for the simple fact that it works and use it when I'm smoking multiple chunks of meat. I'm not sure on the transmitting range/power. A good thick wall or separated by a room will kill the signal/connection, but the temperature alarms work well enough that you can hear them when the receiver is out of site.

    Bottom line, it does what it's supposed to but for a few dollars more you can get a dual probe unit that is volumes better. You can get a Maverick for a couple dollars more.
  2. stenapan
    "Do not buy this thermometer!"
    Purchase Date:
    May 2, 2013
    Pros - Large display
    Cons - Signal drops often, no way to choose your own temperature
    The therm does not actually let you set the alarm temps you want. There are a couple of preset temps that you can choose from and the seem highly arbitrary to me. The signal seems to get lost for no reason at all and nothing but a reset will help. New batteries does not alleviate the problem.

    It seems Weber has finally figured they can use their good name to sell crap and thus make even higher profits.
  3. tman 05
    "Not very good"
    Pros - Cool idea. Nicely finished.
    Cons - Loses signal and doesn't report temperature. Also, I can't adjust the "doneness" setting.
    Ditto what most people seem to be saying about losing the signal. One moment it's working and the next it 0 degrees. The inability to change from anything but well done is really annoying. The search for a quality remote thermometer continues.

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  1. hoity toit
    what may be happening is that there may be another device in the area transmitting on the 2.4mghz frequency causing the interference. Could be a wireless router, wireless camera, something else that is wireless you may have or even a close by neighbor may have. I have issues with one of my thermometers and a wireless camera I use so this is how I narrowed it down to this. Turned my camera off and all worked fine...Your situation may be different this is just my expierence
  2. hlbullis