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Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker

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  • 22.5 Smokey Mtn Cooker GrillPorcelain-enameled bowl, lid, and water pan Cooking area = 726 square inches Two heavy-duty, plated-steel cooking grates Lid thermometer Four no-rust aluminum vents No-rust aluminum fuel door
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    Measures approximately 23 by 23 by 42 inches; 10-year limited warranty
    26.5 inches
    36 inches
    75.5 pounds
    26.5 inches
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    Lawn & Patio
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    Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker

Recent User Reviews

  1. yankee2bbq
    "Beginner and veteran smoker."
    Ease of Use:
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    Oct 16, 2017
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    Pros - Ease of use.
    Maintaining constant temperature.
    Cons - Flimsy aluminum access door.
    Accuracy of temperature gauge
    Overall, excellent smoker. Very easy to use. This is the first smoker I bought many, many years ago. Still use it today. Holds a steady temperature for a long, long period of time.
    I recommend this smoker to anyone, a first timer or veteran of smoking.

    The only two complaints are: 1. flimsy aluminum access door. It leaks and or is bent. Knew this when I was in the process of buying it. So, I went with the stainless steel door, from a well known bbq vendor. Issue solved.
    2. Temperature gauge. Prone to be inaccurate. I went with an after market temperature gauge.
  2. jjcreole
    "Can't really complain, but...."
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 7, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Easy to clean, very roomy, & not much of a learning curve needed
    Cons - Leaks smoke, access door is flimsy, so-so waterpan, & handles on the mid-section really should be standard.
    After MUCH research & the inability to build my own U.D.S. yet, I chose to buy a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker because my 22" Weber kettle can only do so much. Overall, I'm glad that I bought it, I enjoy using it, but here are some valid gripes after a few cooks on it.

    1. Access door: the metal used for this door is VERY flimsy. A 2 year old can easily bend/warp this door, & smoke leaks from it something fierce. I tried a gasket kit, but it didn't help. Weber was nice enough to send a replacement for free, but this didn't help. If I ever opt for the Cajun Bandit's stainless steel upgrade, then I'll gladly share my findings.

    2. Dome lid: The lid overall seems solid, but it leaks smoke where it rests atop the grill. Read several posts online stating that the culprit is the lid being out of round. Installing a gasket slightly helped, but still leaks smoke. Weber sent a replacement for free, but it didn't help. You could try gently bending it, but I don't feel this should be necessary after spending $400. Also, bending the lid might cause damage. Try @ your own discretion.

    3. Water pan: The pan's solid, easy to clean, holds nearly 2 gallons of water, but water needs refilling after 8hrs of smoking @ 200-225 degrees.

    4. Handles: For easier handling & GREATLY minimizing the chance of dropping it, I don't see why Weber hasn't mounted handles on the drum. I see posts about installing universal garage door handles. A cheap, simple idea, but why should the consumer have to do this.....after spending $400 for a quality smoker? Just my 2 cents.

    5. Temperature stability: I have 3 firebricks @ the very bottom under the charcoal grate to eliminate temperature fluctuations. This works nicely just as it does for my Weber kettle. Based on experience, I'm a huge believer.

    6. Vinyl cover: Again, Weber fell short here. Didn't have the WSM for 1 full year, & the cover is riddled with cracks & pinholes allowing rainwater all over & inside my beloved WSM. Unacceptable.

    Apart from these gripes, I'd pick the WSM again because vertical smoking seems to make more sense than horizontal smoking, & I'm quite pleased with the results. Takes a little learning curve, but it smokes some mighty good BBQ. I was able to fit 4 20-25lb turkeys @ once last Thanksgiving. Hopefully this'll offer insight before a WSM purchase. 
  3. hardwoodalchemy
    "4.5/5 -- I love my WSM"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Pros - generous capacity, metal not as flimsy as other brands
    Cons - fit isn't very tight in some spots, design is relatively inconvenient
    I saved up my Cabela's points for a long time, then found a WSM 22.5 floor model at Cabela's that just happened to be the last one in the store, and it just happened to be missing some pieces and have some very minor damage. I ended up paying less than 100 actual dollars out of pocket and out the door. I promptly called Weber and explained my missing parts situation which, much to their credit, they remedied free of charge with no shipping. [​IMG]


    The smoker holds a decent amount of food. I can easily get 6 whole chickens (3 on each rack) in mine. I haven't pushed it any farther because I don't want my food rubbing the inside of the lid.

    The "fire box" holds enough fuel to last more than 8 hours without adding any more.

    The smoker is made from a heavier gauge metal than some (most?) other brands, resulting in better heat retention and durability.


    The fit of various components is not great. Around the lid, around the door, around the air vents, and even around the thermometer all leak smoke -- which also means that there are air leaks in the same spots.

    The design is somewhat inconvenient, relative to the larger tank-type smokers. For example, it's nearly impossible to reach in and get food off the lower grill without getting a face full of heat / smoke or your arms singed. Likewise, and again relative to the larger tank-type smokers, it's inconvenient to add fuel to the fire -- especially if you want / need to add it to the far side.

    Overall, for the level of smoker (i.e., not industrial scale and not generally considered professional level), price point, and the design type (bullet), this is a fantastic smoker. Once the heat is regulated, it can go a long time without any sort of intervention. Also, given proper care, it should have a long service life.


    Better fit of various components could be accomplished by adding gaskets where appropriate.

    It would be very helpful to have two handles on the lid.

    It would be very helpful to add a hinge between the lid and the body.

    It would be nice to have more than one fuel door, even if the doors were smaller, to allow for easier / more precise fuel placement when if / required.

    Doors should be made of stronger metal and have a more precise fit.

    It would be nice to have handles on the center section.

    It would be nice to have either (a) heavy duty locking wheels, or (b) latches to secure the bottom two sections together along with handles on the middle section, to allow for easier movement of the smoker.

    Four air vents in the bottom (instead of three) might be nice, and would provide more accurate heat and air control.

    *A number of the improvements listed above can be accomplished via 3rd party add-on products.

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  1. ocnorb
    Want 22" WSMS, Don't Know Much About Them, Only What I Read. Have Only Had Weber Grills Over The Years. I'll Be 74 In October 2017. From Southern Illinois, East Of St Louis Mo. Arch And Busch Stadium, Home Of The Cardinals! Have Some Disabilities, But Have Too And Love To Eat:) Anyone Who Wishes To Comment Regardless Of Comment, Are All Welcome!! Thanks & Looking Forward To Doing A Lot Of Reading!
  2. djsmokesupreme
    Unless you need/want the moisture, I have found that it is much easier to control heat if you place a large clay planter tray (like the kind you put under big flower pots) or builder's sand in the water pan. MAKE SURE YOU USE A PLAIN CLAY TRAY OR PURE, UNTREATED SAND.  NO CHEMICAL FINISHES OR ADDITIVES!  The tray/sand will even out the heat distribution and when the drippings build up, you just replace.  The water pan stays clean as a whistle.
  3. mcollect
    Ben I always amortize to justify buying something pricey. I guess the shipping just seemed excessive. I'll amortize the shipping also.
  4. ben cartwright2
    From them. Amortize the shipping over the 20 year life of the smoker it is only $1.60 a year!
    On my 14.5 I kept the aluminum door and it does eventually seal so I think if you don't want to spring for shipping eventually the door will seal tight or tighter
  5. mcollect
  6. ben cartwright2
  7. jamiewenz
    I've had this smoker for a couple of years and love it. It's easy to use and holds it's temp. I've made some great ribs and loins on this and even used it in competitions. The front door could be a little better, but overall, I'm very happy with it.
  8. tsenre45
    I've got 4 racks of ribs on now.  225 and holding for 6 hours total. I have an Auber instruments thermocouple and processor hooked up on mine. holds temperature within a couple of degrees.
  9. smoking works
    I bought the same one. It's a dream. I'm really pleased with mine. I've smoked a brisket, a pork butt and a few racks of ribs. I just took delivery of a DigiQ DX2. Can't wait to install it and use it this weekend. Doing six racks of ribs.
  10. smoke slinger
    I have had it for about 3 months now and I will say that unless Weber comes up with something better, then this will be the only smoker I will have from now on. I have done ribs, butts, ham and turkeys and it is the easiest smoker I have used. I got a Maverick 733 and cant wait to try it out Sunday.