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Vision Grills Classic Kamado Charcoal Grill 596 Sq. In. Cooking Area on 2-tier 304 Ss Flip Cooking G

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Vision Grills
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    Vision Grills
    The Vision Grills Kamado Classic replicates wood oven cooking and provides flexibility to sear, grill and smoke meats and vegetables as well as bake pizzas and bread. The Vision Grills Pro Zone will take your grilling experience to a new level delivering restaurant quality flavors and moisture. Experience the flavor of Kamado style charcoal cooking. The grill is constructed of high grade ceramic for precise temperature control, and delivers 596 square inches of cooking space with 2-tiered stainless steel flip grates. Includes 2-solid surface drop down shelves, stainless steel calibrated top vent, 4-wheeled cart with locking casters for mobility, and a heavy duty vinyl cover. The Vision Grills Kamado Classic Series is delivered fully assembled and only requires assembly of the stainless steel cart to begin enjoying the Kamado experience.
    Charcoal Ceramic Grill Includes heavy duty vinyl cover 596 sq. in. cooking surface on 2-tier 304 stainless steel flip cooking grates Thick ceramic construction creates a convection heat environment for even cooking and reduces charcoal usage Thick ceramic wall construction reduces heat transfer and eliminates risk of burns from exterior Dual lid lift assist springs Heat Thermometer Stainless Steel Top Vent 2-solid surface drop down urethaned pine shelves Wheels with locking system Superior construction NSF listed Dimensions: 47.25" H x 23.5" W x 27.5" D Weight: 198 lbs
    Vision Grills
    Vision Grills
    [Model VGKSS-CC2]
    Vision Grills
    Vision Grills
    Vision Grills Classic Kamado Charcoal Grill 596 Sq. In. Cooking Area on 2-tier 304 Ss Flip Cooking Grates. Includes Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover
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Recent User Reviews

  1. thood
    "This is an excellent cooker, once you figure out t"
    Pros - Heavy, holds the heat, pretty easy to tune, accessories are nice, customer service is superb!
    Cons - Like lots of new things, it can benefit from a tune up and some practice.
    I've had mine for more than 6 years and I really struggled through the first year with it getting too hot and burning up food. I was ready to give up and just use it as a charcoal grill. Then I bought an OKJ Longhorn and got on this forum and started looking at all the mods. The light went on. The reason I couldn't control the temp was air leaks. The Vision had burned up the gaskets early on and I didn't think about changing them. Anyway while I was doing mods on my OKJ I got some more felt and high temp RTV and went to town. After I sealed it back up it works better than the oven in the kitchen. You can control the heat within a few degrees. You can fill the bowl with fuel and it will burn for all nigh:yahoo:t Now I use it for everything unless it's a really big cook and I need more space. It's a great cooker for the money. Spend a little time getting to know it and seal things up tight!
  2. moseephus
    "Has yet to disappoint me."
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Mar 1, 2013
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Great temperature regulation, quality materials, incredible customer service, value.
    Cons - Needs a new seal right out of the box. Finish isn't quite as nice as the BGE.
    I purchased this smoker from Costco about 2 1/2 years ago.  Out of the box, it seemed to be of reasonable quality especially when considering the value.  It came with side tables as well as the nest.  I did spray the chrome stand with black matte grill paint and am very glad I did.  Right out of the box, the felt gasket was fouled up and there were chips in the exterior finish of the ceramic.  I registered the smoker online and noted these defects.  Two days later, I received a touch up kit with ceramic filler and the black paint as well as new gaskets for the upper and lower dome lids.  They also sent a replacement gasket for the lower intake - maybe I wasn't clear in my description, but it goes to show they went over what was needed to make sure I was happy.  I recently contacted customer service because my cast iron fire box grate has developed a crack and again, I had a replacement within two days. I have used this grill no less than two days a week since the day I purchased it.  Sometimes even more.  I've cooked anything from pizzas to butts and briskets.  The ability to maintain consistent temperature is pretty spectacular.  It can consistently maintain temps ranging from 200 on up to 600+.  Overall, an excellent value and highly recommended product.
  3. deanc
    "To Smoke or not to Smoke"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 28, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Flavor intensity, ease of use
    Cons - Burns too hot, specific parts cheaply made, two-tier rack is clumsy
    I have had some issues with this BBQ that I never thought I would have had based on the cost and the research done prior to purchasing. The first grill I purchased was sent back as the front plate was welded on crooked and too much air was moving throughout the BBQ. I was told by the manufacturer that of the thousands of Kamoto Pro's sold only a handful were built poorly.

    Now that I have my second Kamoto Pro, it works much better but still seems to burn too hot. Smoking isn't working for me since I can't get the heat down under 350 degrees. The bottom vents are set at 1/2 (right closed completely and left at 1/2) and the top vent is only open about a half (1/2 of 1).

    I could use some helpful suggestions from those who have mastered the smoking piece. I have no problem searing or grilling but I also find with the same settings described above a steak will usually cook to medium well to well done in about 10 minutes. Even a thick steak is overdone when wanting to cook to a medium rare.

    Could I be adding too many coals? Doesn't seem like I am since I only use a couple handfuls and only cover the holes in the bottom of the BBQ.

    Suggestions? I'm dying to smoke! 

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  1. ribboy58
    Thanks for the comment!
  2. smokeintarheel
    I cannot see being able to do more than 6, perhaps some ingenious person could get 'er done.
  3. ribboy58
    Can anyone comment on how many racks of ribs you can cook on this cooker?  My biggest family event usually demands around 8-9 full racks.  
  4. mikestan
    First, love the fake name and 1/2 star, really?. I have the Vision C-Series Bundle purchased from True Value and thus have different venting than you. FWIW, the Vision grill needs a bit of getting used to and, BTW, its cooking characteristics change over time. This is because the gaskets wear in, charcoal is inconsistent and plugs airways, and every slab of meat (and its recipe) cooks differently. Plus, this is a different kind of grill (I've actually never grilled on mine in ~5 years) and you need to also understand the differences in how to cook in what is essentially a clay oven - it's not hot, it's humid, and it takes longer.
    That said: mine leaks smoke - so what?; my silicone gaskets are peeling off - OK, I'll get some silicone to reattach when I get around to it; my felt gaskets have seen better days - no prob, will eventually replace; I need to open all lower vents and lighter slot to keep coals going sometimes - not a problem, my meat has never been better; because it's made of clay, even your local weather can impact its performance on grill day - mine sweats like a pig almost consistently after 5 hours.
    Remember, you're potentially dealing with a clay/steel vessel that is holding coals with internal temps up to 600°F! What do you expect it to do? A good cook can smoke a pork butt on a hibachi.
  5. moseephus
    To be honest, I have never used an electric starter in my kamado.  I have used the weber lighter cubes (http://www.amazon.com/Weber-7417-FireStarters-Lighter-Cubes/dp/B001AN7RGG) in the past - just drop one in the bottom on top of the lower cast iron grate, fill with lump as usual, and light.  Leave the lid up for about 10 minutes, close and bring to cooking temp.  Now all I do is fill the box with lump and throw a little heat in the middle with a propane blowtorch for about a minute or so.  That's it.  My personal experience is that it is much more reliable to ease the temperature up to where I want it to be this way and I don't overshoot my temps any more.
    I would also HIGHLY recommend replacing the felt gasket that comes installed on the smoker.  The one that came installed on mine was damaged out of the box and I was sent a replacement (felt).  When I removed the original, I noticed that the gaps between the seams were less than expertly installed.  I used that gasket for a year or so before replacing with a nomex gasket (http://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Nomex-Gasket-Upgrade-Vision/dp/B00589VPN4).  I highly recommend that gasket and would suggest just replacing the felt for nomex (order 2 - you shouldn't need the other one for a LONG time, but I can't stand the thought of having to wait for another one to arrive should I damage the one on there currently - what can I say, I'm an addict). 
    I've never really had a problem with the charcoal burning out.  I've gone upwards of 24 hours on a single bowl full of lump.  If this is your first kamado grill, it will take you a little while to figure out how to 'drive' the temp.  These things drive like a tank and will overshoot in a heartbeat and it's hard to get back down to temp once they get hot.  PM me if I can help you out in any way or want suggestions on other accessories.
  6. rsetterlund
    Just got mine about 1 week ago.  I love it.  The problem I had was I got the temp up to 400 but during the 4-hour break in time the temp kept increasing and until all the charcoal burned up.  I think I might have left the electrical starter in too long.  What to you think?
  7. trdnface
    I have the Vision grill and smoked for the first time some ribs. I put in the heat deflector and kept my temperature at 200-225 for about 7 hours but I found I didn't need that much time, they were still great but it is a learning curve that you have to go through. I am looking forward to trying a pork butt and some chicken. The heat deflector is a must for smoking as this give it the indirect heat. It does sear and grill with great taste. I highly recommend this beauty.
  8. fendrbluz
    I have had the same one for about 2years and I can tell you I love it ihave none of these issues I smoke a lot controls temperature great I can hold 225 for hours. Got mine for Costco for 425 :) and always have wood left over for quick grilling I just close the vents and saves it .
  9. billsbayou
    This review and the "positive" responses are putting me off the Vision Classic B Series.  I have yet to purchase ANY kamado grill, so I'm over-researching the issue.  My wife just gave the okay on a BGE.  Then we saw the Vision Classic B Series at Sam's for half the price.  This review illustrates many of the reasons I want to purchase a kamado from a dealer rather than a retailer.  I like shopping at Sam's but I have never been impressed with return policies.  Nevermind how they rotate stock and lack of grill accessories.
    The idea of doctoring up a product with caulk to get it to work is wrong on so many levels.  Why doesn't Vision caulk it?  Why does the top vent seize up?  I want 200-degree smoking and 1000-degree searing.  My reputation with fixing things often takes the route of "Fixing it until it's really broken."  I'm a decent enough do-it-yourself kind of guy, but I'm not going to want to come back to Internet discussion forums to see how I can make my Vision kamado function as a kamado.  It should do it out of the box.
    The Vision I saw at Sam's was mis-aligned and the felt was coming off the base of the dome.  If I purchase a BGE and it gets out of alignment, loses its felt, or anything else, I know that my local hardware store BGE dealer will not steer me wrong.  They have a functioning BGE out front.  This weekend, they baked a king cake.  It was incredible. Sam's was doing no such thing.
    Now, I just need to figure out which of the three local BGE dealers will get my money.
  10. smokeintarheel
    I bought one last month at Sams and paid even more for the same series ($450.00). I also ordered the lava stone from Home Depot and I've done ribs, beer can chicken, and last week I did a 10 lb butt and it was perfect!!!!!!!!
    Everything is so moist, even boneless chicken breasts, burgers, WOW! comes out great. I wish I had photos to post.