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VacUpack Pro2300

  • The Pro-2300 is a great professional use Vacuum Sealer for home or small non-commercial business users, that want a longer heat bar and a wider seal line, and those looking for a large external vacuum sealer. The Pro-2300 channel style machine offers a dual piston vacuum-pump that delivers 26” HG vacuum. The outer casing is a beautiful stainless steel and a flashy clear blue lid, makes this vacuum sealer a real eye catcher in your gourmet kitchen, and this one has all the bells and whistles with L.E.D. lights for each stage of the process. The Pro-2300 is a no brainer simple to use Automatic Channel Style Vacuum Sealer. Just put the bag in the channel and close the lid, the machine will do the rest. The Pro-2300 offers an additional Manual Seal Mode. This mode or button allows you to stop the vacuum process before the automatic timer is finished. This will give the user some control to keep soft breads, fresh pasta, cakes, muffins and other products from becoming squished blobs in a bag. The motor has a fan to help keep it cooler. If you are going to move the Pro-2300 from place to place the detachable power cord and cord storage compartment is a nice feature. Wet products with this machine must be avoided. Pre-freeze or towel dry your meats, and freeze soups and sauces before vacuum sealing. Do not pull juice or liquid into the channel or pump as it will burn out the machine. All channel style vacuum sealers suffer from the same disease. The channel design can not process water in or near the componentry, pumps or motors. Best to pre-freeze or only seal dry products with any channel style machine. The manufacture offers a One-year limited warranty. Professional Marketing Group Inc. services the Pro-2300 and any other vacuum sealer we sell. So no need to send it to the manufacture for a limited warranty we will stand behind the machine and give it a One-year warranty. The Pro-2300 is a repairable vacuum sealer. All parts are available from our repair center. Just email or call for any help or questions. A quality vacuum packer such as the Pro-2300 will store your perishable foods up to 3 to 5 times longer than plastic wrap or containers. Remember vacuum packing is not preservation is it storage and it does not change where you store your foods, just how long you can store them. Overall over view of the Pro-2300 is, if you are looking for a "big vacuum packer" that is easy to use, will out work a the typical retail machines. If you are not going to seal excessive wet items. This is a beautiful machine and will treat you right. The Pro-2300 comes with the machine, and a sample of bag material to get you started and a 1 year warranty from Professional Marketing Group Inc. Don't just wrap it! Vacuum Pack it

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