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VacUpack [32160]

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  • The VacUpack is the premier #1 all time selling, light Commercial Home Style Vacuum Sealer!Over 2 million sold and in use. Read on and find out why this machine is, and has been so popular. Find out why the VacUpack is the favorite home style vacuum packer for the "Serious Vacuum Packaging users". The VacUpack is compatable with most brands of textured vacuum sealing materials, it is bag friendly, and funtions perfectly from one brand to another. Never get stuck buying one brand of bags. The VacUpack will draw a vacuum and seal Foodsaver, Deni, Rival, Vacstrip, or many other brands of bags.The VacUpack has offered this feature for 24 years. This is one of the many reasons this sealer beats other home style vacuum sealers hands down!! Read on to see why so many people love this machine and it's outstanding features.THE PUMP: The housing is heavy-duty injection-molded ABS. The vacuum pump produces up to 25 HG (inches of mercury on a vacuum gauge). It's nylon piston construction reduces friction, requires no lubrication and is not susceptible to corrosion or moisture. The piston pump is less likely to fail than the more complex diaphragm-type and evacuates a higher volume of air.The other big difference between this and the channel style machines is this one is designed to pump liquid. The way to clean this pump is to put a bag of water on the nozzel and run water through the pump to rinse out what ever you vacuumed into it. Notice in the videos or pictures of other vacuum packer/sealers the demonstrator will never show you a bag with "Water" or any wet material being pulled out of the bag and into the machine. Why? Because wet, water, juice, slim, blood, sauce, soup, ect will dammage most machines.The demonstrator or "actor" in the video will only show you dry, smoked, solid products to vacuum. Yet all external models (bag is outside the machine) will draw air and then liquid as atmospheric pressure pushes on the outside of the bag. The bigger the pump, the faster the water will flow out of the bag, the harder it is to stop and control. There is no way to get away from water being pulled from the bag, unless you live on the MOON! As you are looking for a machine keep this tip in your thoughts. It is not uncommon to see this very important piece of information not being demonstrated to you. The true fact is about 80% of the vacuum packing you are going to do is very wet! There is alot of hype behind these products, that is all in the course of sales. But what they don't tell you is what you need to be looking for.THE HEAT BAR: A solid steel heat bar with commercial grade nylon heat tape.The sealing time is adjustable.This heat bar allows for mutiple heat cycles to ensure that the wet sloppy bag is sealed completly 100% of the time "no leaky wet bags". We believe this is the absolute finest and most durable heat bar manufactured in a home style unit. This link will further explains the process of sealing a wet bag. http://www.vacuumpacker.com/index.p...alers/Vacuum-Packers-Home/cat_id/33086CUTTING BLADE & BAG STORAGE: It has a one-way cutting blade for quickly making custom sized and sealed bags via it’s self-contained bag roll storage compartment. OPERATING FUNCTIONS: A dual-action operating lever controls the vacuum and sealing operation. Just one lever, no complex buttons this leaves you in control!The vacuum indicator gauge allows you to draw a minimum or maximum vacuum. Stop and seal at any time! Don't smash your bread or pack it as tight as you like, you choose! It vacuums and seals a 11.5 by 16-inch bag in less than 30 seconds. Seals 25-35 or as much as 65 small bags before a cooling off period is needed. Beware of machines that may cost less but only seal 1-5 bags before they must be cooled down! WEIGHT & SIZE: The vacuum sealer weighs 10 pounds, is 19 inches long, 4.5 inches high and is 6.5 inches deep.

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  1. shooterrick
    "VacUpack Food Saver"
    Purchase Date:
    Nov 18, 2010
    Pros - Production, Liquids, Repairs, Simple
    Cons - Hard to find any
    In my opinion this is the best home use machine you can buy under $300.  Early on it was made under the name of FoodSaver and VacUseal and I purchased a older FoodSaver label but new in the box from an estate sale on an auction site.  Near as I can figure this machine laid unopened for as long as 10 years and when I unpacked it it functioned with no problems other than needing a few O rings cleaned and relubed. 

    The VacUpack will work non stop for cool down up to 50 seals according to the company and I stopped at 30 seals.  It is snorkel type machine that will not be damaged by liquids.  In fact it is meant to have warm water pumped through it from time to time as part of its cleaning and maintenance.  Parts can be found for home repairs at the VacUpack web sight.  While you must manually activate the seal function.  I like that.  You can easily double seal any bag you want.  You can decide the seal times via a dial on the right side of the machine.  A hose port is top left for cannisters. 

    Any textured featured bag will work in this unit.  I have tried the original FoodSaver bags as well as two different generic bag rolls.  The bag rolls are neatly contained within the unit and the cutter works without a problem and blades are replacible as well as most all critical parts are.  It is hard wired machine with no  computer chips. 

    Once you get use to the placement of bags on the snorkel it is a very fast machine to use.  The footprint on this is actually smaller than the new upright FoodSaver machines on the market.  If you are looking for a dependable non throw away machine this is the one for you at this price point.     

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