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Stumps XL Baby

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  • This is the midsized model Gravity Fed Smoker from the Stumps line of smokers. It can hold quite a bit of food. It's well insulated, easily moved on rollers and produces more than enough smoke to satisfy even the most Smoke addicted.Food Capacity:- 12-28 racks of ribs- 8 briskets- 12 boston butts- 24-28 chicken halves.This unit burns fuel slowly. So slowly in fact that I was able to complete a 14hr smoke using barely 7lbs of fuel. Small chunks of flavored woods go in the ash tray underneath the chute. It works by having burning embers drop on to the flavored wood chunks to provide smoke. It can be used without any added devices however, with a DigiQ Qx2 or other apparatus, this unit will maintain a set temp no matter the ambient temp. I was able to light this unit at -7F and hold 225F thru the entire smoke without adding any fuel. It is a heavy beast. Over 400lbs so lifting will require a forklift or several of your strongest friends. It is also competition grade so if you're entertaining going pro, this unit is the one for you.I would absolutely recommend the Stumps XL Baby to anyone. Its big, its very good, and it isn't cheap. It will represent quite the investment however if you're able to meet the price, this smoker will not disappoint. The Stumps Baby is less expensive but no less the gravity fed smoker the XL baby is. Smoke On!.

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  1. cman55
    "Stumps XL Baby - Getting what you pay for."
    Pros - Great Insulation, easy to light even when cold outside, can burn Pellets as well as Lump and Briquettes.
    Cons - Large, Heavy, pricey.
      I got this Smoker as a present from my wife. This unit certainly earned the XL brand as it is large and in charge. It has a large cooking capacity, easy to light and far easier to cook with. I own a offset and was used to "tending fire". Not necessary with the XL Baby. Once you have your dampers set top and bottom, it pretty much cooks without any intervention needed. The thermometer appears very accurate and is located midway towards the center of the box. I set mine up with the DigiQ QX2 temp control device. I don't think I've ever seen steadier temps on a smoker. It held 225F for over 12hrs on 7lbs. of lump. The ash tray on the side where the valve is is large enough for most chunks of woods. You can start with chips at the bottom to get things started and then add chunks later. "Shaking the grate" is perhaps the best way to get embers to the chips as you don't have to remove and reinsert the grate while it is cooking. I recommend a pair of pliers for this job as gloves will simply melt and/or burn if you touch the grate.. I also experimented with Wood Pellets in the chute and to my surprise, they worked great! It was as if gravity had turned the smoker into a pellet smoker. This unit is much more at home with either Lump or Briquettes but if you want to experiment with pellets, knock yourself out. Just remember to mix in the Pellets with some other fuel like Lump.

      The quality of the construction can't be stressed enough. I had to bring it home in a U-Haul trailer as it weighs in at over 400lbs. It's well insulated and able to smoke food even at temps near or below zero. It's also pricey. Most listings have it at $2750USD. The Stumps Baby comes in at about a grand less. Both are great Gravity Fed smokers easily capable of competition.

      So if anyone is thinking about going gravity fed for their next smoker and are willing to spend a bit extra, you can't go wrong with the Stumps XL Baby.

    Smoke On!

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