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  • Hey FANS- CHECK THIS OUT WWW.STUFZ.NETStufz is the easy way to create delicious stuffed burgers at home. This made in the US patent pending self contained unit allows you to create The Orignal Stuffed Burger in 3 easy steps. SHAPE IT- STUFF IT- SEAL IT and ENJOY!! You will be amazed at the flavor, as all of your topping infuse throughout the Burger. THE ORIGINAL STUFFED BURGER MAKER!!DISHWASHER SAFEMAKES STUFFED BURGERSPATTIESCUP BURGERS

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  1. mstphrchrstphr
    "Made half a burger before breaking"
    Pros - great design
    Cons - flimsy clips, hard to use, no instructions
    I was able to make half a burger before the press portion of the burger maker broke.  Had to finish the burgers using the machine and my hands, pushing manually.  Push down handle and clip broke off and bent.  The idea is cool, and the burgers would probably be great if made properly.  The finished burgers leaked cheese, but that is probably because I had to make them manually.

    Will try it again after getting a new one, but not a great experience with the first attempt.

  2. bill in mn
    "exceptional customer service"
    Pros - Great the first time
    Cons - can only eat one
    Here is some exceptional customer service.

     I ordered my "Stufz" burger maker and received it in just a few days.I'm not sure if I was excited to get this or didn't read the instructions well enough but the plastic clip broke first time. I emailed the Stufz company and explained what had happened . I finished the email with "Please advise on what to do" thinking that would be the end of it. This is such a stand up company they next day shipped me a replacement and it arrived like they said,the next day. Sure is nice to see helpful people and companies on our SMF board ,thanks a ton .Bill in MN  

    Follow up used this for the first time last night ..WOW this is a great tool to have.Got the request what everyone wanted in their Stufz burger and went to town.4 thumbs up and they are all ready thinking of other things to use in them.It worked very well with about 3/4 cup of ground beef lightly packed.
  3. meateater
    "You Need One Of these Stufz"
    Purchase Date:
    Aug 17, 2010
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - It works like it say's, nuff said.
    Cons - None
    If you love burgers, get one. If you know someone that loves burgers get them one. This unit is awesome. Three Thumbs Up! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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