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Stubb's Charcoal Briquettes

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  • 15lbs. All-Natural Charcoal Briquets100% all-natural charcoal briquetsNo coal, no chemicalsProvides a clean burn with great wood flavorAn authentic Texas barbecue experiencePurchase @ Lowe's

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  1. Smokinoak
    "Clean burning and nice woody smell"
    Ease of Use:
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    Pros - Burns nice and clean with very little filler.
    Large brickettes.
    Cons - Can't find it in my area. Gibson is Pa.
    I've used Stubbs c charcoal many times after using Kingsford for many years. Kingsford charcoal leaves a lot of sandy residue which scratches the bottom of my Weber kettle, and Stubb s does not. Stubbs seems to burn cleaner giving off a nice woody smell. I can't usually find Stubbs in my area, but when I do I load up as much as I can.
  2. mcloven1t
    "Love This Stuff!!"
    Pros - Burns evenly, burns complete
    Cons - None
    Love Stubbs barbecue sauce and then came across the briquettes at my local Lowes, it's a great charcoal if you're not using Lump. Inexpensive and quality briquettes.  Definitely worth a try.
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  3. darryl209
    "I give it a 11 on the 1-10 scale"
    Pros - Burns long No smell
    Cons - none
    This stuff is awesome no smell like kingsford or other charcoal.  Lights easy and burns very consistent.  I have the small Weber 14.5 smoker, and if I fill my starter chimney 2/3 of the way full then add 3 chunks of wood after I dump the coals. I can get easy a 6-7 hour smoke at 225 without having to mess with. In Florida Lowes and Walmart carry it. It is great stuff !!   

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  1. gwschenk
    I like the consistency, too. In my Weber 18.5 once the temperature is set you can just forget about it.
  2. daricksta
    I also buy Stubbs' charcoal briquettes at Lowes. They're the only ones I use. I also love his BBQ sauce but Guy Fieri's Kansas City BBQ Sauce is surprisingly good as well.
  3. sammysound
    i fully agree with this
    possibly the best charcoal i've used to date (used 4-5 different kinds so far - just started smoking this summer)
    i have 2 bags of this i found at homesense, i now only use this for grilling steaks on the little black egg!!  saving the best for the best